PICTURES: 15 pictures that will make you nostalgic for Doncaster in the 80s and 90s

Having a burger at the Wimpy bar.Having a burger at the Wimpy bar.
Having a burger at the Wimpy bar.
Ready to take a trip back down memory lane to the Doncaster of the 80s and 90s?

For many of us, it seems a lifetime ago - a time when the likes of Bros and New Kids On The Block ruled the music charts, when Margaret Thatcher ruled the country and when programmes like Bread, Hi-de-Hi and ‘Allo ‘Allo ruled the TV.

We’d be wandering around in our shell suits, tucking into Funny Feet lollies and Birdseye Steakhouse Grills and playing football in the park with jumpers for goalposts on endlessly long summer days.

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For some, think of Doncaster in the 1980s and you can’t help but think of the bitter, year-long Miners’ Strike which paralysed the town’s colleries and divided communities way back in 1984-85.

But for an entire generation, there were plenty of happy memories too.

Who can forget the annual thrills, spills, noise and wide eyed excitement of a trip to the Finningley Air Show - and if you weren’t lucky enough to be at the base, you could always watch the Red Arrows doing their stuff from your bedroom window.

There’d be trips to the cinema - either the ABC or Odeon, both long-gone, where you’d tuck into a Westler’s hot dog from the foyer.

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If that didn’t happen, chances are your mum would treat you to a burger from the Wimpy - before you’d head back to the North or South Bus Station to catch the Little Nipper back home.

Or perhaps you’d spend Saturday mornings swimming at St James’ Baths - and being treated to a bag of crisps from the vending machine after your dip.

You’d get home to find your dad reading a copy of the Doncaster Evening Post and watching the football results come in on World Of Sport on ITV.

When Christmas rolled around, there was always the chance you;d be taken along to see the animated displays in the Arndale Centre, later Frenchgate, or wander along Waterdale, where invariably, the same decorations would be rolled out year after year.

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When we were a little bit older, trips to town would invariably mean a few pints in a pub like Camelots, followed by dancing the night away in Seventh Heaven - or if you are slightly younger, Karisma.

We’ve dipped back into the archives once more to roll back time to Doncaster in the 80s and 90s.

See how many of these memories you can recall!