PICTURE: Naked woman strolls through Doncaster town centre in broad daylight

This is the moment a naked woman was snapped taking a stroll through Doncaster town centre in broad daylight.

Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 10:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 10:56 am
The naked woman goes for a stroll along Chequer Road.

The mystery blonde-haired woman was captured on camera totally starkers just yards from two of the town's biggest churches and only a stone's throw from Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery on Chequer Road.

The woman, whose face is not visible, was spotted walking towards the town centre near St Peter in Chains Roman Catholic Church by a reader who shared the photo on Facebook.

The photo appears to have been taken opposite Beechfield Garage. (Photo: Google Maps).

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With the caption "Beautiful day for a stroll down chequer road" the woman, sporting shoulder length hair and with what appears to be a tattoo on her right arm, appears carefree and oblivious to her surrounding as she strolls barefoot past parked cars.

The photo appears to have been taken near the Beechfield Garage - which is just a short stroll from Doncaster Police station and Doncaster Baptist Church.

Janice Wise, who witnessed the scene. which happened at around 2.30pm on Friday, said: "We saw her walking towards the police station,its a wonder no cars crashed!

"There was a man with her with a coat. It looked like he was saying to her put it on - she was talking to him and shaking her head.

The woman was pictured walking past St Peter in Chains Roman Catholic Church. (Photo: Google Maps).

"I thought she was going to the police station as some sort of protest."

One Facebook commenter wrote: "Only in Doncaster lol."

The incident comes just a few months after a naked couple were filmed having sex in broad daylight Doncaster - just yards from students at Doncaster College.

The clip, filmed in May, showed a dark haired man and a blonde haired woman romping totally naked on a patch of grass behind the Batley's Cash and Carry depot on Chappell Drive - and were filmed by an amazed onlooker who captured the sordid scenes on his mobile phone from behind a fence.

The photo appears to have been taken opposite Beechfield Garage. (Photo: Google Maps).

And it came just after a photo of man groping a woman's bottom outside a Doncaster taxi office went viral on social media. Shortly afterwards, another photo of a woman performing a sex act on a man in Bower's Fold was also widely circulated on Facebook.

Last September, South Yorkshire Police announced it was stepping up efforts to prosecute people committing acts of public indecency in Doncaster.

The warning came after figures revealed Doncaster police had received a total of 48 complaints of public indecency since 2010.

The figures, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, showed that in addition, 17 people had also been charged with offences of public indecency, which is defined as acts of nudity or sexual activity in view of the public.

The woman was pictured walking past St Peter in Chains Roman Catholic Church. (Photo: Google Maps).

Commenting on the figures last September, Detective Inspector Jade Brice, from Doncaster police, said: “Incidents of this nature can be highly distressing for victims and witnesses, so they are thoroughly investigated so that offenders can be quickly identified.

“In the last five years that the data period covers, we have charged 17 people in outraging public indecency offences, demonstrating our commitment to making Doncaster safer.”