Photographer gets stuck in 'oven' lift while covering Sheffield wedding

One of the images.One of the images.
One of the images.
A wedding photographer who took a lift instead of the stairs because of the hot weather ended up trapped inside what he described as an "oven" for half an hour.

Mark Tierney was travelling up two flights to shoot a group photograph at a wedding at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield when disaster struck and the elevator ground to a halt.

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Stuck in the lift.Stuck in the lift.
Stuck in the lift.

The alarm was raised by a member of staff at the museum when they realised the 50-year-old, of Dinnington, had not made it up for the shot.

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He was stuck for about 30 minutes and kept himself entertained by posting live updates on the heat and his subsequent rescue by firefighters onto his Instagram account.

While inside the lift he posted: "Just trapped in a lift, it's like an oven in here. 29C, feels hotter.

"Fire service are coming - phew!"

Trapped in the lift.Trapped in the lift.
Trapped in the lift.

Later he said: "Trying to keep cool was the hardest part, I sat down because it was coldest on the ground.

"I knew panicking would only make it worse so I sat down and messaged my sister in America and posted on Insta stories."

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He added that firefighters were "very quick and professional in getting me out."

Firefighters at the scene.Firefighters at the scene.
Firefighters at the scene.

Mr Tierney said it is the first time the embarrassing mishap has happened in a decade as a photographer covering more than 300 weddings.

He sensibly packed a second shirt after sweating through the one he was wearing before getting back to work.

He added: "People were coming up to me at the wedding and we were having a laugh and a joke.

"I can laugh about it now - everybody else is laughing about it on Facebook and Instagram - it's a relief."

Kelham Island Museum has been asked for comment and we are awaiting a reply.