WATCH: Woman drops knickers and pees in pot outside Doncaster bingo club in broad daylight

This is the shocking and ‘disgusting’ moment a woman was filmed dropping her knickers and appearing to wee in a pot outside a Doncaster bingo club in broad daylight.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 9th July 2021, 2:02 pm

The footage shows a dark-haired woman in an orange top and leggings, hitching down her pants and then squatting over the pot announcing to her friends: “I need a wee,” despite them telling her she might be on camera.

As her pals can be heard giggling, she looks up at a CCTV camera and announces: “And I’ll do a turd!,” while in the background, bingo numbers can be heard being called from within the building.

She then adds: “Can you imagine if she came out now?”

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The woman was filmed dropping her pants and telling friends: "I need a wee" outside a Doncaster bingo club.

The woman, sporting a low cut top, is seen giggling and chewing gum as the camera zooms in on her as the footage comes to an end.

It is not clear when and where the clip was filmed but it is understood to have been shot in the smoking area outside the Mecca Bingo hall in East Laith Gate, Doncaster earlier this week.

The silver metal container the woman is pictured squatting over appears to be a waste bin or plant pot.

The clip has been shared with the Free Press by several readers who dubbed the antics as ‘disgusting.’

One said: “It is absolutely vile, absolutely disgusting.

"She just pulls her knickers down and has a wee in broad daylight while everyone thinks its funny.

"It’s not. It’s just horrible.”

We have approached Mecca Bingo for comment.