'Warmhearted' volunteer takes homeless man 'battling spice habit' in from Doncaster streets and finds him a house in 4 days

A man living on the streets of Doncaster was given the chance to change his life around when a ‘warmhearted’ stranger offered to take him in to his own home and helped him find housing in just four days.

By Lloyd Bent
Sunday, 1st March 2020, 2:25 pm

Callum Cooke, 20, was “battling a spice habit, living on the streets of Doncaster and sleeping in doorways in the cold” when Jordon Ainsworth, 24, saw him and offered to buy him a coat.

Jordon, from Kimberworth, then started to see Callum more often on his regular trips round Doncaster where he donates clothing to homeless people.

The two became friends, and the relationship that followed has changed Callum’s life.

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Callum (left) with Jordon at the gym they have been going to.

Jordon said: “He was so grateful. A hat and a coat meant the world to him. I started to see him more often when I was giving clothes out and I just knew that if I gave him the chance he would change his life around.

“My mum, my brother and my girlfriend Tyla helped me do this. On Saturday (February 22), after knowing Callum for a few weeks, we offered to take him in.

“At first he went to my brothers’ house for two days, and then he stayed at my mum’s, with her and my little sister.

“He was brilliant. I know some people would say that they wouldn’t let somebody who has been on the streets and on drugs into their home, but Callum has proved that with the right support people can make a change.

Jordon (centre) with Callum (right).

“I know it is not long but he has not touched a drug since. He’s been at the gym with me because I believe a healthy body is a healthy mind.

“And while he was staying with my family we were applying for housing for him. Within four days we found him something with Bridget Housing and how he is in his own accommodation.”

Callum is settling in to his own housing, near Jordon in Kimberworth.

On his first night in his new home (February 27), he said: “I’m laid in bed in my own accommodation. It’s not been easy but I’ve come a long way.

“I’ve had things hard over the past few months, battling a spice habit, living on the streets of Doncaster, sleeping in door ways in the cold.

“True to say I hit rock bottom and I never thought I’d see a way out.

“I was so shocked when Jordon said he was willing to give me a chance and take me into his family home.

“He gave me a lifeline and Jordon and his family have done their utmost to help me.

“I haven’t had anyone there for me since being young and coming out of care and this really touched me.

“They helped me find myself again. I feel like a completely different person.”

Since helping Callum, Jordon has carried on giving out clothes and supporting the homeless in Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.

He has set up a Facebook group called WarmHearts, which people can join if they want to help him.

“I want to make it big,” he said. “I want it to help as many people as possible.”