Top ten sex myths for women and men in Doncaster revealed in new survey

The top ten biggest sex myths for women and men in Doncaster have been revealed in a new survey.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 11:58 am

The most common sex myth for women is that they desire passion less than their male partner.

In fact, 56% of women in Doncaster have a higher sex drive than their partner.

The most popular male sex myth in Doncaster is that they are more passionate about sport than sex.

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The biggest myths about sex in Doncaster have been revealed in a new study.

In fact, two-thirds of men would choose nookie over watching their favourite team.

The results are revealed in a new survey, split evenly between the sexes, by, the UK's leading affairs site.

The second most common sex myth, according to women, is that size really matters.

Three-quarters of women (74%) said it was not a big factor in achieving sexual satisfaction, with technique being more important than size.

The third biggest female sex myth is that they know where their G-Spot is and how to stimulate it.

In fact, the G-Spot doesn’t exist for 78% of women - only a fifth (22%) have located theirs and say they use it to boost arousal.

The fourth biggest female sex myth is that real-life love life was anything like the sex scenes in the movies. Less than a fifth of women (18%) said their romps matched up to their favourite fictional love scenes.

The fifth most common female myth was that most women have experienced a multiple orgasm. In fact, only 17% of women said they had had one.

The second most common male myth was that fellas think about sex every seven seconds.

In fact, only 10% of men admitted to thinking about sex ‘all the time’.

In third place on the men’s list was that fellas with big feet or big hands also have a big penis.

There is no scientific justification for this and 78% of men said it was rubbish.

The fourth most common male sex myth was that they played worse at sport if they had had sex the previous evening.

The fifth biggest male myth was that oysters make you aroused - only 12% of men said they had felt hornier after eating them. spokeswoman Jessica Leoni said: “Lots of myths grow up around sex that tend to stick.

“Who hasn’t eaten an oyster and mentioned that they are a well-known aphrodisiac, when there is no evidence to show they make you feel sexy?

“One common myth experienced by both sexes in Doncaster is that they never cheat on a partner. In fact, more than half of us have been unfaithful at some point in our lives and the main reason why we cheat is because the sex is bad at home.”

Gary Lineker said that he got a bigger thrill out of football than he did out of sex but it is not a view shared by most men.

Lineker said: “Leicester scoring a winner in the FA Cup Final was way better than sex. It kind of lasts longer. The euphoria lasts longer.”

Match of the Day host Lineker went on to explain how football was better than sex because the sporting highs were rarer.

Lineker, 61, said: “The only thing you can never replace is the scoring of a big goal.

“Scoring a goal…people use that silly thing, ‘Oh, is it better than sex?”

“You can’t have it any time you want but you can kind of know you’re going to have sex at some point. Whereas you don’t know if you’re ever going to score again.”

More than a million people have registered with in the last decade.

The affairs site has had the busiest three months in its 19-year history during the start of 2022 as cheating surged following the end of Covid restrictions.

Top ten female sex myths

1 He likes sex more than me

2 Size really matters

3 G-Spot exists and I know how to stimulate it

4 Sex in real-life is anything like the movies

5 I’ve had a multiple orgasm

6 I have never cheated on a partner

7 Good sex has to be spontaneous

8 Good sex has to end in an orgasm

9 I orgasm most of the time I have sex

10 Sex isn’t the real deal without penetration

Top ten male sex myths

1 I like sport more than sex

2 I think about sex every seven seconds

3 Big hands or feet = big penis

4 I play badly at sport if I have sex the previous night

5 Oysters make you horny

6 Women peak sexually later than men

7 I have never cheated on a partner

8 Sex in real-life is anything like the movies

9 Good sex needs to last a long time

10 You can burn a lot of calories having sex