Top 10 biggest sex regrets made by Doncaster men and women revealed

The top ten biggest sex regrets made by women and men in Doncaster have been revealed in a new survey.

Women’s most popular regret is having a one night stand when they were drunk - with more than a third (34%) saying they have done this.

Men’s biggest regret is not having MORE sex when they had the chance, particularly while away at college, with 42% of those polled saying they wish they had played the field more.

The results are revealed in a new survey by, the UK’s leading affairs site, which shows big differences in what men and women wish they had done differently when it comes to sex.

Doncaster's biggest sex regrets have been revealed.

Second on the female list was having sex with a colleague at work - 29% of women regretted doing this.

In third place was losing their virginity to the wrong person - 27% of women said they had done this.

In fourth place was taking sex pictures or video with a lover who is now an ex - a fifth of women (22%) have done this and regretted it.

And In fifth place was not making a move on the man of my dreams - 20% of women regretted not being more bold.

In second place on the male list was waiting too long before losing their virginity - a third of men (34%) wish they had got going sooner.

Third place was sleeping with a work colleague - 30% of men have done this and regretted it.

In fourth place was cheating on a girlfriend - 29% of men have done this and realised afterwards they had made a mistake.

And in fifth place was having beer goggles sex when they were drunk with a woman they were not attracted to - 27% of men have done this.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert with, said: “There are big differences in the key sex regrets of men and women in Doncaster.

“But what unites both sexes is regrets about not enjoying more sex when they had the chance - for men when they were at college and for women when they were single and could pick and choose who to sleep with.

“The lesson for both sexes is that life is short and sex should be enjoyed when you have the chance.

“Both sexes also expressed regret about cheating on a lover. With the growth of online dating, we are dating much more frequently and sexually shopping around more before settling down.

“That inevitably leads to more cheating in the early stages of a relationship when you have gone exclusive but you are still getting approaches on dating apps and sites.”

More than one million people have registered with since it was started 19 years ago.

There has been a cheating boom this year with a 27% rise in registrations as life returns to normal after the pandemic.

Top ten female sex regrets

1 Drunken one night stand

2 Sex with a work colleague

3 Losing my virginity to the wrong person

4 Taking sex pictures or videos with a lover who is now an ex

5 Not making a move on the man of my dreams

6 Not being more sexually adventurous when I was single

7 Falling for a cheat

8 Cheating on a boyfriend

9 Sleeping with a friend

10 Sleeping with the wrong guy because I was lonely

Top ten male sex regrets

1 Not having more sex when I had the chance, particularly at college

2 Waiting too long to lose my virginity

3 Sleeping with a work colleague

4 Cheating on a girlfriend

5 Beer goggles sex when I was drunk with someone I was not attracted to

6 Sleeping with a friend when she was vulnerable

7 Not make a move on the woman of my dreams

8 Having sex with an ex because I was lonely

9 Being selfish in bed and only caring about my own pleasure

10 Getting caught masturbating