This is what six Doncaster residents thought of the general election result

Last Thursday, Britain went to the polls and decided, overwhelmingly, to support a Conservative government. We asked six people what they thought of the result. Here's what they said.

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, 2:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 10:46 am

Frederika Roberts – Speaker and Author

I believe this election result has dealt a devastating blow to the soul of this country.

Despite a PM hiding in a fridge to avoid media scrutiny and a campaign dominated by lies and dirty tricks, the Tories won by a large majority.

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Ballot boxes, filled with votes to be counted.

I feel immeasurably sad for what this country is becoming. Brexit will now happen but won’t be ‘done’ come January 31.

When the promised sunlit uplands don’t materialise, when food bank use continues to rise, when more hospitals, doctors, nurses, police officers and houses fail to materialise, when our food standards, employment rights and civil liberties are being eroded, Johnson will have nobody to hide behind and this government’s days will be numbered.

Frank Arrowsmith - Doncaster resident

Well, this was termed the Brexit election and resulted in a crushing defeat for the Labour Party, which lost heavily in its traditional working-class heartlands.

Frederika Roberts, Doncaster-based Speaker, Trainer & Author in Positive Psychology/Education & Character Education. Frederika was saddened by the Conservative win

The knee jerk reaction was to call the voters in these areas traitors and lay the blame for the defeat at the door of Brexit but I feel this is far too simplistic noting support also fell in pro-remain areas.

The Corbyn /MacDonald back-stories proved difficult to erase and Labour spent more time cultivating the support of celebrities while taking for granted its core voters.

It now needs to re-engage and move away from the London-centric party it’s become over the years. A positive move would be to move its headquarters to its heartlands.

Vicky Prior – Freelance writer

Frank Arrowsmith. Frank feels Labour needs to refocus on its core voters.

It’s fair to say the General Election didn’t go my way, (although locally I’m thrilled).

It took some time for me to get past sorrow and recriminations, but now I want to move on and I’d like Doncaster residents to do the same.

A Conservative government could mean harsh times for those in need, so let’s help. Volunteer time to a charity. Donate money if you have it. Or just do the little things. Smile at your neighbours, don’t cut in line at the bus queue, thank shop staff after they serve you.

People on both sides of politics have been labelled as bigots, so prove the other side wrong. Choose your words with care and make 2020, and beyond, the year you spread kindness. I think we all need a little of that.

Freelane writer, Vicky Prior, who lives in Doncaster. Vicky would like to see us all being kinder to each other.

Dean Sills – Doncaster Actor

I have always voted Labour in the past but I don't like Jeremy Corbyn, or his political ideas, so I did not vote.

I felt the Conservative party didn't deserve my vote since they don't care about the working class, you only have to read stories of how people are falling more into debt and struggling to survive on low wages.

But, I can see why so many working class people voted for the Conservative party this time due to Corbyn and his views, which also lead to Caroline Flint losing her seat.

Brexit is as confusing as a Chinese puzzle and I am sick of it. I feel Boris Johnston doesn't live in the real world. I really hope he does more for the working class and deliver his promises, including an 3.1 per cent increase in NHS funding.

Charlie Lister – Doncaster beauty queen

Doncaster actor Dean Sills. Dean decided not to cast a vote at all in the election.

The election outcome will allow us to finalise a Brexit deal and get out of this dead lock which we have been in due to a grid locked parliament. I just hope that the deal is in the U.K.’s best interest.

I do believe that this year’s election has been more focused on Brexit than previous traditional issues that are normally discussed in the run up to elections.

I do hope that other issues such as the NHS and education, and laws such as longer prison sentences, won’t be forgotten as these issues also need to be a priority and should not be forgotten.

I do hope that the money mentioned to help reinforce new flood defences is actually put in place in the UK, including South Yorkshire, as we as a community have been hit by flooding which has created millions of pounds of damage over the past 10 years and left hundreds of people homeless while repair work is being done.

Finally, I hope that the rumours of privatising the NHS under Boris Johnson are untrue as a large percentage of UK residents wouldn’t be able to access the NHS anymore if that happened due to the cost.

Many families can’t even afford food, which is shown in the fact that one in 50 families now access food banks in the UK, so can they afford to pay for doctors.

Christina Wunna – Doncaster mum

This time, more than ever, I noticed that so many more young people went out of their way to vote for change and a sincere hope for the future.

That alone impressed me because it showed that there not only needed to be a change, but that more and more people cared ever so much about their country, it’s economy, the entire well being of the people and their future. They understood the policies and also encouraged others to vote and have their say.

I voted Labour and of course it was a disappointing result for me personally, and for what seemed like everyone I knew. I did actually expect a Tory win. Yet, I did however have everything crossed and a gleam of hope.

I guess the silver lining, however, is that more people did go out of vote this time which gives us hope.

Doncaster beauty queen Charlie Lister. Charlie hopes issues such as law, health and education are not forgotten about.
Doncaster mum Christina Wunna. Christina was disappointed with the election result, but happy that more people had voted.