This is how the animals of Yorkshire Wildlife Park keep cool in the heatwave

The animals of Yorkshire Wildlife Park were playing it cool in the weekend heatwave, as temperatures pushed 30c.

By Rochelle Barrand
Monday, 01 July, 2019, 08:32
A tiger enjoys a refreshing drink of water.

The award-winning park’s pools and water feature offered welcome relief from the sun’s rays while others just chilled out and took it easy to the delight of visitors.

Amur tiger Tschuna made regular dips into the refreshing pools at the two- acre Land of Tigers where she could get a drink while the lions at meerkats basked in the sunshine.

A lemur takes a sip of a cold drink.

The park, at Branton, is home to almost 400 animals form 70 species, many rare and endangered.

Staff at the park made sure all the animals had enough water and shade as a welcome summer burst hit Yorkshire to make a sizzling weekend.

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Matt Hartley, Head of Animals of the park, said: “There is plenty of water around for them to take regular dips and to drink so they are basking in the hot weather. A lot of animals, like the Meerkats, Rhinos and other African species, love the heat.

“We were all in need of a good summer weekend and our visitors are really enjoyed the weather and seeing the animals relaxing and splashing about to keep cool.”

This brown bear is keeping cool and having fun by running through water.
A lion enjoys basking in the sunshine.