Swingers using Doncaster TV star Jeremy Clarkson's farm for sex romps

Swingers are reportedly using the TV farm of Doncaster’s Jeremy Clarkson for sex romps – inlcuding on his tractor.

Swingers are reportedly using Jeremy Clarkson's farm for outdoor sex romps.
Swingers are reportedly using Jeremy Clarkson's farm for outdoor sex romps.

Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds has been thrust into the limelight by the presenter’s recent TV show Clarkson’s Farm which showed the outspoken host running his own farm.

But according to reports, swingers have been sneaking onto the site for frisky outdoor sex romps.

According to the Daily Star, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host is needing tighter security on the 1,000-acre farm as couples head to the farm for open-air sex sessions.

Those heading to the outdoor spot say there are no guard dogs, alarms or electric fences stopping them gaining access.

One swinger, with the handle “jennboy”, claimed on a members-only sex site: “Anyone up for meets with me and my sexy partner in Chipping Norton?

“Sneaked into Clarkson’s farm the other week and did it on a tractor. Looking for local couples or single fems to join us.”

Another long-term user of the site quickly responded: “I’m up for a meet and I’m a local to you. The security at this farm is Diddly Squat (see what I did there?) So I’d love to join you guys.”

One source told the Daily Star: “There’s a massive trend in the swinging community to add extra kicks to meets by arranging them on celebrity land. Because Jeremy is so outspoken, a lot of them are saying what a laugh it would be to hear what he would say if he caught them at it.”