The spirit caught on cameraThe spirit caught on camera
The spirit caught on camera

Spirit of a Saxon soldier seen by paranormal investigators at Conisbrough Castle

The spirit of a Saxon soldier has been seen first hand by Doncaster paranormal and photographic investigators Dean and Veronica Buckley.

The couple have been investigating the hauntings around Conisbrough and Conisbrough Castle for 20 years and over the years have come across quite a few spirits.

On a recent walk from High Street, down to Castle Hill, then upto Conisbrough Castle, spiritualist medium Veronica came across a spirit of a Saxon soldier.

Dean explained: “It was from the wooden stronghold building what was on the land before the limestone castle was built and Veronica was telling us the spirit still is a strong presence to this day.

"The spirit told Veronica he was 28-years-old when he lost his life in battle. He told Veronica his name was Arthw and Veronica decribed him as a quick witty character who was quite happy with his life.

"He doesn’t like to be inactive, learning new things, he carves animals out of wood and did markings on trees.

"He came from aboard to our shores, his wife was pregnant when he lost his life and he settled to stay in the Conisbrough area, his son was named after him as well he told Veronica.

"In his lifetime he said he had long black curly hair, was around 5'7 in height and was in four battles. He lost his life through burn marks and by the sword during battle, falling down on the banking and half of him in the River Don. He also told Veronica he likes starting fires and sometimes cut his hair to start lighting fires.”

He continued: “Over the years he has been seen by others from different time periods and one from the 1970s.”

The soldier has been photographed on Castle Hill next to Conisbrough Castle. He has also been seen on High Street and next to the River Don.

He likes scaring people to prove his spirit is there.

Dean was there with a friend on a cold summer night and as they were talking to each other, Dean was taking photographs and the camera was knocked out of his hand and went up the banking.

Dean ran after it and found it spinning with some speed and he went over and picked it up and there was no mud on the camera whatsoever, “How eerie?" asked Dean.

On another occasion Dean and Veronica spent hours at the castle and the soldier was making animals sounds trying to distract them. Dean started taking photographs in each direction and caught the spirit on one of the photos next to the entrance of the present day castle.

Dean concluded: “Arthw still walks around the area and one night you might seen him. His spirit wanders around and there are hundreds of spirits still around in Conisbrough.”

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