Should Doncaster go for city status? Share your thoughts with us

Should Doncaster go for City status?

By Stephanie Bateman
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 11:17 am
Doncaster Mansion House
Doncaster Mansion House

It is just one of the important questions in the Spring Doncaster Business Insight Survey which is evoking a large response from local business leaders.

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 'Time for Doncaster to bid to be a city again’

The responses will be used by Doncaster Chamber to help inform their mandate of work and represent the business voice on matters that impact business growth and the local economy. 

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“This is an important survey that Doncaster Chamber runs four times a year to monitor business sentiment on matters affecting sales, profit, recruitment, training, international trade, and challenges,” says Rebecca Leam, Head of Policy and Communications, Doncaster Chamber.


“Over the last year the survey results have shown that, despite Brexit uncertainty, Doncaster businesses are faring well with high employment and a positive turnover, but are following the national trend of a skills shortage.


“We use the results to inform and set the mandate of our work and to get things done for Doncaster. To address the skills gap, the Chamber not only runs Doncaster Skills Academy to raise the career aspirations of young people, but has been leading on the opening of the Doncaster UTC to inspire Doncaster’s future workforce to become more skilled in science, technology, engineering and maths, and career ready.”


The Doncaster Business Insight project is a collaboration between Doncaster Chamber and Doncaster Council and is sponsored by ProAktive. It is the only research of its kind which monitors how businesses are faring in Doncaster, as well as capturing local business sentiment on current business issues.


The feedback gained through the project is used both on a local and national level to influence and shape policy and strategies to better support and represent Doncaster's business needs.


The survey only takes two minutes to complete and for every one taken by a business with a DN postcode, £1 will be donated to Doncaster Mind charity.

Take the Doncaster Business insight Survey - Spring 2019: