Sheffield man reunited with ex for awkward dinner date on new series of Eating With My Ex

A Sheffield man has reunited with his ex – for an akward dinner date on a TV series which brings couples back together for a meal to see if they can sort out their differences and start over again.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 12:18 pm

Ryan, 29, and former girlfriend Faye, 24, were filmed for BBC3 series Eating With My Ex – where former couples have to face some difficult questions and some awkward truths over the dinner table.

Ryan, a model from Sheffield, and Faye, an accountant from York, met up for the meal at Sheffield’s Oisoi restaurant last year – and the episode featuring their encounter has just been released on BBC iPlayer.

The pair met through social media and Ryan tells the programme: “She had a few tattoos and was a bit edgy and I thought ‘she’s right up my street.’ She is the only girl in a long time who I actually have that fire for.”

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Ryan and Faye were reunited for Eating With My Ex. (Photo: BBC).

Faye tells the show: “We were a good couple. We had a laugh. It was like being with a best friend.”

However, the relationship ended abruptly after Faye dropped off the radar and Ryan discovered she had got back together with an ex.

She said: “Ryan wasn’t happy, understandably but I just didn’t see that it was going anywhere future wise.”

But after things failed to work out with her ex, the couple were brought back together for the TV show.

Ryan is seen buying flowers ahead of the date with Faye’s friend telling her: “I think it will go amazingly well and you will come out with each other or you will chuck a drink all over him.”

He then tells Faye: “Girls are like chicken, but I see you as a big old steak.”

She responds: “You just called me a piece of meat. It’s not really a compliment.”

Attention then turns to Ryan’s regular trips to York to see Faye and he tells the camera: “York gets a bit boring. There should be a statue of me I’ve been that many times.

“In York, there’s like six castles. I f***ing hate castles.”

You can watch the episode and see if Ryan and Faye get back together HERE