'She deserves an Oscar:' Doncaster public blast Meghan and Harry over explosive TV interview

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been blasted by Doncaster people for an explosive TV interview lifting the lid on their lives within the Royal Family.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 12:57 pm

The pair were grilled by Oprah Winfrey for the interview which was shown in America yesterday and will air on ITV tonight – revealing how Meghan had suicidal thoughts, how they said they were subjected to racism when an unnamed member of the Royal Family asked them how dark their son’s skin would be and how the couple’s decision to step back from Royal duties has caused Harry strain with his father Prince Charles.

But Doncaster people have blasted the pair, accusing them of publicity seeking, being ‘poisonous’ and delivering ‘Oscar winning’ performances.

Posting on Facebook, Tony Robinson wrote: “At the end of the day, she’s an actor, and I wouldn’t believe a word.”

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Meghan and Harry have been blasted over their TV interview.

Brian Smith added: “She deserves an Oscar,” while Sharon Thompson Hatfield wrote: “What an absolute crock of c***. She has lied through her teeth, what a poisonous person she has shown herself to be.”

Laura Brannan wrote: “If they’re going to make accusations of racism then they should have named the culprit so they can at least give their side of the story or be taken to task over it! This way they’ve implicated the whole family but that’s what they wanted.”

Eddy Stenson wrote: “Pity they didn’t just fade away quietly and live their lives. Don’t think they have done themselves any favours.”

However, Amelia Washbourne praised the couple for the interview and said: “She came from a working class background and was treated like c***. Harry could not stand by and watch it, he is cut from the same cloth as his mother, who you forget was treated as Meghan. I hold my hat off to her for speaking.”

Jane Dickinson wrote: “Why don’t they have some dignity and keep their mouths shut?”

Zahra Ali wrote: “I actually feel for her as a woman of colour to go into the Royal Family with all the pressures of the royals - must have been hard and if that is the case about what someone said about the colour of her son, it’s disgusting!”