The seven-year-old litter heroes who are clearing up their Doncaster neighbourhood

Proud Doncaster mums Jane Leonards and Diana Moss might be forgiven if they feared they may need a bigger bin.

By David Kessen
Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 6:00 am

That’s because their seven-old-sons are fighting a two-boy battle to clear up their Doncaster estate, and bringing sackfuls of rubbish home off the streets and playing fields.

Pals Max Thompson and Drew Sitt have been hitting the streets of Edenthorpe for several months armed with bin bags, gloves and a toy grabber, since they started learning about the environment at school and decided to do something to keep their area clean.

Max’s mum Jane said: “I think they picked up the idea at their school, Edenthorpe Hall Primary, where they had all been talking about the environment in their lessons. Then one of the pair said ‘lets go and do some litter picking.

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Pals Max Thompson, left, and Drew Sitt, right, have been hitting the streets of Edenthorpe to clear litter

“Max has a toy grabber and they both have plastic gloves to wear. They have been going out with bin bags and coming home with them full.

"We live quite near Tesco Fields, so they have been going round there to pick up litter as well. They’d seen me take trolleys back to the supermarket from there in the past.

"They started off a few months ago, and have stuck with it – they’re lovely lads and it’s great to see what they’re doing.

"They bring it back here and we put it in the bins for them, unless it’s something that can be recycled.

"We have been quite shocked at how much litter they have been able to find and have commented on that – it sometimes takes your breath away.

"Until recently, I think it was only me, Drew’s mum, and Max’s grandmother who had noticed what they were doing. Now people have started to notice though, and people have made a few nice comments.

"I’m extremely proud of them. They’re such sweet boys.”

She said the regular trawl of litter had not yet been enough to mean that she has been unable to fit it all into the family bin.

When they are not out collecting litter, the boys spend their time playing on their computers or riding their scooters and bikes together, like other youngsters, she added.