Rate My Takeaway: Viral YouTube star Danny Malin has a burger in Doncaster

Takeaway fan Danny Malin gets stuck into his Urban burger in Doncaster. (Photo: YouTube).Takeaway fan Danny Malin gets stuck into his Urban burger in Doncaster. (Photo: YouTube).
Takeaway fan Danny Malin gets stuck into his Urban burger in Doncaster. (Photo: YouTube).
A takeaway fan who has become a social media star after going viral has dropped into Doncaster for one of his latest YouTube videos.

Yorkshireman Danny Malin has become an unlikely star with his Rate My Takeaway videos, travelling across the region to tuck into burgers, chips, kebabs and other fast food – scoffing them down from his own fold-up picnic table and chair he sets up outside each takeaway.

Danny from Leeds has clocked up millions of views – and his latest visit saw him drop in at Urban Burger at Doncaster’s Herten Triangle.

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And after tucking into a huge feast, he wasn’t left disappointed – giving the restaurant full marks, announcing to the camera: “Ten out of ten – a solid ten!”

The clip, which can be watched HERE shows Danny setting off from home and announcing to the camera: “So today right we’re over in Doncaster and we’re going to this place called Urban Burger.

"I’m that excited I think there’s a lot of drool in my mouth. This fat boy’s gonna get a burger. Let’s see what dreams await us.”

After being talked through the menu, Danny decides on a three patty bacon cheeseburger topped with mushrooms, onions and salad with a side of large fries with paprika, a box of halloumi cheese sticks with chilli jam and a large coffee and salted caramel milkshake, topped with whipped cream.

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Passing the restaurant’s own outdoor tables and chairs, he returns to his car to get out his trusty table and chair, plonking them down on the venue’s patio as he prepares to tuck in.

Tucking into the shake first, he tells viewers: “Oh my God, oh that’s just like a dessert.

"Beautiful taste of coffee with a kick of salted caramel. Absolutely lovely.”

Danny then turns his attentions to his huge bag of chips, telling the camera: “Look at the sack of spuds here!

"Skin on, red hot, crispy. They are amazing.

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"It’s like I’m sat at the pictures with a bag of popcorn – some of the best chips I’ve ever had – amazing.”

And he was equally excited by the halloumi sticks, announcing in his broad Yorkshire accent: “They are some wedges them! Look at the thickness of that!

"You’re having a laugh – that’s a block of cheese that! You could end up in A&E after them!

And last but not least, he turns his attentions to the whopping burger, unwrapping it and telling YouTube fans: “Now that’s a burger!

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"Oh my God, this is as good as everything else on the table. What a job! Absolutely cracking, the flavours are amazing.

"You can make this monster as big as you want it to be. Tastes as fresh as they come."

Revealing the feast came to just under £20, he tells viewers: “Enough chips to feed a family of four – I could keep going all day and fill the table up. I could sit here all day just eating chips.

"This is my kind of food. No less than a 10. A solid ten.”

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