‘No cars, no shopping, no TV, no phones:’ Nationwide Brexit Blackout protest planned

Campaigners demanding Brexit have called for a nationwide blackout – with no cars, shopping, TV, electricity or phones – to bring Parliament and the country to its knees.

The ‘national strike’ has been organised for April 12 – the fresh deadline for Britain’s proposed departure from the EU and urges people to switch off their televisions and phones and stay at home and which organisers say will cost the UK in excess of £250 million a day.

A nationwide Brexit Blackout has been planned.

A nationwide Brexit Blackout has been planned.

It comes as Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed she has written to the EU to request a further delay to Brexit until 30 June.

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A post on the National Black Out 12th April Brexit Must Go Ahead page said: “I am proposing a national strike on the 12th for all of those that voted leave.

“A one day strike, no cars, no electricity, no shopping, just sitting at home with the TV off, nationally would cause our Government and the huge tax dodging businesses that benefit from the EU partnership a major issue as the loss would be in excess of £250 million for just one day of standing still.

“Imagine their concern if they thought we would go on to do this for two or even three days, they would have no choice but to listen.

“Turn off your TVs, turn off your phones – national blackout. It’s time to get our voices heard.”

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It is the latest in a string of planed protests by Leave protesters angry at the failure of the UK to leave the EU by March 29.

Previous demonstrations have included marches on Parliament and motorway go slows.

There have also been calls to blockade ports, railway stations, airports, every motorway junction and roundabout in Britain as well as council offices and media organisations such as newspapers and television companies.

Further calls have seen people urged not to pay their Council Tax, cancel their TV licence and stop buying EU goods from shops and supermarkets.

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The post said that the protest was for people who were led to believe that their voices ‘mattered.’

“It’s for those of us that have been misled by our politicians and have been victims of what is becoming a dictatorship.

“We have been given the illusion of choice when in reality neither the remainers or leave voters have any say in what is actually going to happen.”

“It is time we realise the power we hold if we stand united.”