New sex study names Doncaster among top ten kinkiest places in the UK

A new survey has named Doncaster as one of the top ten kinkiest places in the UK.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 17th January 2022, 1:33 pm

Our town was named in ninth spot in the rundown by card marketplace firm as it set out to discover the UK’s kinkiest spots.

Cornwall landed number one spot with Wiltshire and Durham following closely behind.

The study reviewed sales data to reveal the areas that have the highest volume of orders for 'cheeky' Valentines Day cards.

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Doncaster is one of the UKs kinkiest places according to a new study. (Photo: Pixabay).

Leeds was named the most romantic, having purchased the largest volume of Valentine’s Day cards

The top 10 kinkiest spots in the UK:











Only two of the places in top 10 were based in the north of England showing that southerners are maybe saucier under the sheets.

The data also went on to reveal that those in Leeds were the most loved up, having bought more Valentine’s Day cards than any other UK city and making up 33% of orders.

Contrary to that, the City of London was found to have the loneliest of hearts, having bought the lowest amount of Valentine’s Day cards across the nation, with only 1% of orders.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson at thortful said, “With more naughty cards sold above any other category last Valentine's it's great to see so many couples in the UK showing their fun side with coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place and keeping their relationship spark alive!”.

More information on the study can be found HERE