Mum thanks heroes who helped her son after he was seriously injured in a bicycle accident

A Doncaster mum has thanked two passing heroes who cared for her son who was seriously injured after he fell off his bike.

By Kev Rogers
Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 11:58 am

Claire Davies of High Melton has given her heartfelt thanks after her son Louie, 13 fell off his bike as he jumped over a ramp in Steetly woods.

"Louie was out riding with his friends and he was doing jumps He must have braked suddenly and went over the handlebars,” said Claire, 39.

“His friends thought it was funny at first, but he was more seriously hurt than they thought and was putting a brave face on things, not letting on he was that injured.

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Louie Davies, 13 of High Melton in hospital following his accident.

"We would like to thank the two Warmsworth men Lee and Grant who were out on their bikes at the time for stopping, phoning for an ambulance, putting Louie into the recovery position, staying with him and talking to him until the paramedics arrived and helping the paramedics with their equipment.

"They stopped and one of them put him in the recovery position because he looked like he was going to faint and said he was going to be sick. He realised Louie was badly injured and sent for an ambulance.”

"The friends who were with Louie are good lads and they rang home to let us know Louie had been injured.

"At that point we didn’t know an ambulance had been called. His dad went over and when I rang him he told me they were waiting for an ambulance. I couldn’t sit around waiting so I headed over.”

Louie Davies being treated at the scene by paramedics.

When she arrived she said her son was trying to go to sleep and was ‘quite cold’.

“The chaps who had stopped waited the whole time and they were talking to Louie keeping him awake, “said Claire.

"One went down to the main road with some of Louie’s friends to meet the ambulance to help them locate Louie. It’s a large wooded area near the quarry.

“The two guys stayed with Louie all the time until we got him on a stretcher and helped the paramedics with their equipment.

Louie Davies recovering in hospital after his accident.

“The paramedics who arrived to the scene were fantastic with my son too and it was not an easy job getting to the location with their equipment. They were going to get an air ambulance to him but didn’t due to the location.”

Louie sustained a ruptured spleen and had internal bleeding. He went to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, then was transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital where he received a blood transfusion.

He spent a week in hospital following the accident on June 14 and is doing well recovering at home.

Claire said: “We are so grateful to Lee and grant for going out of their way to help our son.

“It was fantastic because usually people would just have passed by thinking it was just a kid who had been messing about and had fallen off his bike.

“We are so very thankful for all they did and we would like to get in touch with them to thank them.”