List of deceased Doncaster people with unclaimed estates - and how to claim a potential fortune

People across Doncaster could be sitting on a unknown fortune as a number of residents left assets which are yet to be claimed.

Monday, 10th January 2022, 2:36 pm
Time is running out to claim the estates of a group of deceased Doncaster residents

The details of several of people who died in Doncaster and left estates but no will or known blood relatives are revealed on a government website.

The deaths go back 29 years to 1992 – with the deadline to make a claim set at 30 years from the date of death. Estates where the time limit has expired are removed from the list.

The strangely titled Bona Vacantia department deals with ‘vacant goods and ownerless property’ which by law passes to the Crown when someone dies with no known next of kin.

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The Treasury Solicitor acts for the Crown to administer the estates of people who die intestate – without a will – and it publishes a list with details of deceased people in an attempt to trace relatives.

Some of the people who died in Doncaster came to the city from the other side of the world including Poland, Lithuania, Jamaica and Ukraine.

Philomena Marion, died in 2012 in Doncaster aged 67 but was born in Ireland. Records show she may have been adopted in her birth country.

An unclaimed estate of 20 years belonged to Kostas Bisarenka who was born in Lithuania died in Doncaster in 2002 aged 77.

William Cross, who was born in Clarendon, Jamaica in 1935, died in Doncaster aged 73 in 2008. Government records show it’s believed he has a daughter.

Another unclaimed estate belongs to Zosia Dziadecke, who passed away in Doncaster back in 2009, aged 98 and is originally from Ukraine.

Londoner Joyce Evans passed away in Mexborough in 2000 aged 94. There is no more information apart from Doncaster Council being listed as the executor.

Peter Henderson who was originally from Wakefield, died in Doncaster in 2010 aged 87. Doncaster Council is again listed as the executor with records showing that Mr Henderson was a ‘single man’.

Polish-born Anton Kerzac died in Doncaster aged 82 in 2008. Born in 1926, it again lists DMBC as the executor.

Alexander Krajewksi, born in Poland in 1926, died in Doncaster aged 68 in 1994. No more information is held by records but they describe Mr Krajewski as a ‘bachelor’.

Christopher Jon Marsden was born in Halifax and died in Doncaster in 2014 aged 62. No more information is given but Mr Marsden is described as a ‘bachelor’.

Alfons Ksienzyk, was also born in Poland back in 1916 and died in Doncaster in 2004 aged 88.

Helana Matecka died in Doncaster aged 93 back in 2010. Born in Poland, her estate is still to be claimed by potential family members.

More recently, Gloria Morris aged 70, died in 2020 in Doncaster. It also lists Doncaster as her place of birth and the Post Office is listed as the institution appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of their will.

The information about deceased people is passed on by a number of organisations including banks, hospitals, local councils and the Post Office.

If someone dies without leaving a will, a spouse or civil partner is entitled to the estate first. The next priority are children, grandchildren, parents, then siblings who share both parents.

To view the unclaimed estates list, visit