Large mural to be painted in Doncaster to commemorate events that could not take place due to the pandemic

There have been many large cultural events of importance in 2020 that have not been able to go ahead or have been re-adapted to fit the new normal of social distancing, and one Doncaster artist will be marking these occasions with a painted mural so they are not forgotten.

By Laura Andrew
Tuesday, 8th September 2020, 12:30 pm

The Summer of 2020 should have seen Doncaster’s largest-ever Gay Pride in early August but due to the pandemic, it was moved online.

Hundreds of people attended the Black Lives Matter Protest in June but strict social distancing guidelines were in place.

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Natasha Clark will be painting a large mural in a couple of weeks time on Hall Gate in the town centre.

Natasha said: “I’m painting a mural which will incorporate themes from Pride and the BLM movement that will be on display on Hall Gate.

“I hope that it will be a visual reminder of these events and I hope people will not forget about them due to the lockdown.”

Natasha feels that it’s important that the mural be accessible for all people to see out in the open to create discussions about cultural differences.

“Doncaster has a massive range of diversity in terms of race and sexuality,” Natasha said.

The mural will use colours from the Gay Pride flag and the symbol of a fist to represent the BLM movement.

Natasha will be using colours of the Gay Pride flag in her mural as well as the symbol of a clenched fist to represent the BLM movement.

She is planning to paint the mural in a few week's time and estimates that it will take her three or four days to complete.

As an art student throughout the pandemic, Natasha has seen the world of creatives being moved online.

Natasha has lived in Doncaster her whole life but this will be her first time showing her art in the town.

She said: “We now have to worry about things like social media and marketing.

“I have enjoyed learning new skills but I hope to create more interactive artwork and shows in the future.

Natasha hopes that through artists such as herself who are fighting to create a thriving art scene in Doncaster that more creatives will be attracted to working in the town.

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