'I've no reason to be upset,' Doncaster war hero tells TV viewers as autobiography released

Doncaster war hero Ben Parkinson has told TV viewers he has ‘no reason to be upset’ about the Army career that changed his life forever – as it would be a ‘betrayal’ of the men who saved his life.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 29th April 2021, 11:31 am
Ben Parkinson and mum Diane Dernie appeared on Good Morning Britain. (Photo: GMB).
Ben Parkinson and mum Diane Dernie appeared on Good Morning Britain. (Photo: GMB).

The paratrooper, Britain’s most badly injured Afghanistan war veteran, appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about the new book charting his incredible life story.

Appearing with mum Diane Dernie to talk about the new book Losing The Battle, Winning The War, he said: “I’ve no reason to be upset because it would be a betrayal of the men who risked their lives to save me.”

Ben lost both his legs and suffered brain damage when he was blown up in Helmand province in 2006 but has defied the odds and learnt to walk and talk again and has become an inspirational charity fundraiser as well as going skydiving, carrying the Olympic torch and receiving an MBE from the Prince of Wales.

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Ben, 37, said that he 'decided to live well' for the people who risked their lives adding: “If I was just a bum who sat down and did nothing, what would be the point? I decided to live well for them.'

Discussing writing the book, Diane said: 'Because Ben had so little memory it was a matter of collecting stories and memories from everyone who knew him. Some memories that a mother should never know - thank you the men of 7 Para RHA!'

Ben quickly joked: “That's not true, that never happened, they're just trying to stitch me up.”

Diane went on: 'So it was a matter of collecting memories, discussing them with Ben and then writing them down in his words, and some of it was very painful but I think for all of us it was a great experience.”

Viewers quickly took to Twitter following their appearance, with one writing: 'It’s heroes like this absolute amazing man who should be given the wages of what a footballer earns. The world does not make any sense at times. Utmost respect from me.”

Another wrote: 'An incredible wonderful, amazing man and an example of the benefit of appreciation and positive attitude. Wish him luck in all future endeavours.”