"I would have walked out:" Fury at groom's jeans and t-shirt for Doncaster wedding

A groom’s wedding day outfit of jeans and t-shirt while his new wife donned a stunning bridal gown has come under fire with one saying: “I would have walked out of church and told him to get lost.”

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 10th February 2022, 1:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th February 2022, 2:10 pm

The Doncaster traveller wedding, which saw 16-year-old Catherine Nicholson and hew new hubby tie the knot, has sparked a mixed reaction, with some complaining about his choice of dress while others said his attire wasn’t an issue.

The groom had already come under fire on TikTok – with the footage gaining more than 1.5 million views.

The groom chose a black t-shirt from the streetwear brand, Palm Angels, and paired it with grey washed jeans and casual trainers.

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The couple on their Doncaster wedding day.

Meanwhile the bride pulled out all the stops for her big day wearing mermaid style wedding gown that featured a cinched waist and a lace train that pooled around her.

Readers have been having their say on the groom’s choice of dress for his big day.

“I would have walked out of church, and told him to get lost,” one said. “No respect for the bride, after she looked lovely.”

Another wrote: “She looks beautiful except for the grumpy face which is totally understandable.”

“Was he heading straight down the boozer afterwards?,” said another while another commented: “He really put in the effort there didn’t he? She looks lovely though.”

Another post said: “The young lady looks totally beautiful - a radiant bride it's just a pity her man didn't do her justice with his attire - he would I'm sure looked stunning in a suit – a true fairy tale couple. But the best of luck to you both.”

However, others were more supportive of the casual approach.

“Not exactly a law you have to be suited and booted to get married, as long as she was OK with it then I don't see an issue,” said one.

Another wrote: “Is it his wedding day too? If the bride can come dressed as she wants surely the groom can dress how he wants.”

Another commented: “I hated wearing a dress and would have happily wore jeans to my wedding. Too much money wasted. You get married for love and commitment for life not dress code.”

Another posted: “So long as they want to get married that's all that matters and I wish them all the best for the future – congratulations to you both.”

“It's between him and his bride, if that's what they decided on then that's up to them. Their wedding, their choice. My hubby wore a suit and was uncomfortable all day,” wrote another.

“Is it really any of our business?,” commented another. “Good luck to the couple in question.”

The video was shared to TikTok by the bride’s friend, Violet Price.

In the video, the two teenage girls could be seen on a fairground ride while Violet wrote the text 'My best friend a couple of months ago telling me she ain't gunna fall in love'.

In the background they can both be heard chanting: 'I ain't falling in love this summer, I do my thing this summer', before the video shows Catherine on her wedding day, two months later.