How to make your Spring clean more eco-friendly

Our green columnist Kirsty-Jo Muddiman shares her tips on how to recycle your unwanted belongings rather than send them to landfill to help the environment.

By Laura Andrew
Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Monday, 16th March 2020, 11:10 am

It’s almost Spring and maybe the urge to clean has already come upon you.

If you’re having a clear-out and you have a pile of things ready to go to the landfill, think twice before you dump.

One person’s rubbish is another person’s gold and you may be surprised by what people will take off your hands.

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Spring Blossoms.

To make a little extra cash, you can advertise what you have for sale or to give away on various auction and free listing sites or in your local paper but if that doesn’t work there is a new way to reduce what we send to landfill.

For big items like furniture, it can be difficult to transport them to landfills and the Council charges for pick-ups.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone came and picked up your items for free?

To reduce the impact on the environment, landfill should be a last resort, so why not try the new Facebook Group “Reduce reuse recycle 2020.”

Post anything on there, whatever state of repair, along with your postcode, and see who might take it off your hands.

The rules are that you can’t sell anything and you must include your postcode.

You must also remove the post once your item has gone.

Broken tiles going to the tip? Someone who does mosaics might want them.

Travel cot looking a bit grubby? A school may use it to store footballs in.

Perhaps after that clear out you realise that you could do with more pots or pans.

Have a look at “Reduce reuse recycle 2020” before you spend your hard-earned cash to see if you can find something for free in your local area.

The more people with a DN postcode on the site, the more useful it will become so have a look at the site and see if you fancy becoming a member.

Saving things from going to landfills is an easy thing which everyone can do for very little effort and it might even save you a bob or two.