How to make your New Year's resolutions count by making small changes for the environment

Columnist Kirsty-Jo Muddiman shares her top tips on how to be more eco-frienldy in the New Year.

By Laura Andrew
Friday, 24th January 2020, 11:27 am

It’s not the most exciting colour for a New Year but this year is all about BROWN.

B is for biodiversity. Plastic milk bottles can be made into bird feeding stations and the kids can really get involved in this one. Try organic pest solutions to protect any crops you’re growing.A fresh supply of water in a bowl high up for bathing birds and drinking insects, will cost you nothing.

More biodiversity tips here.

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Fireworks by @joeposkittphotography

R is for recycling. Reusable straws, water bottles and coffee cups on the Christmas list for next year!

O is for over-purchasing.

Is there something you know you buy too much of or know you throw away a lot?Maybe you are a fast fashion addict or a sucker for buy one get one free offers.Look at what you’re wasting and vow to find a different approach.Get down to our lovely market and just buy one red pepper because you don’t need a bag full, buy the exact weight of minced beef that you need from the great butchers we have on the market or soak your own dried beans from our great deli on the market square.

You can do all this plastic-free if you take your own containers too and many stalls give you a discount if you do!

Re-usable straws in a glass.

W is for water consumption.

Yorkshire water give away water-saving devices for free so get on their website and make your claim right now.

Don’t overfill your kettle. If you’ve got a water butt, use it.

N is for not in my inbox.

How many emails are in your inbox? Probably too many to be useful which can get annoying, but did you also know that each email has its own little carbon footprint? Each email is held on a server somewhere and those servers use a lot of energy. This year make a pledge to unsubscribe from junk email, clear out your junk email every month or go super clear and start deleting all those old emails that you don’t need.