Grieving mum blasts council after son's grave 'destroyed' in 'act of vandalism'

William Lyons' grave has been 'destroyed' says his grieving mum.William Lyons' grave has been 'destroyed' says his grieving mum.
William Lyons' grave has been 'destroyed' says his grieving mum.
A grieving Doncaster area mum has blasted a council after her son’s grave was ‘destroyed’ in what she has described as ‘an act of vandalism.’

Maria Lyons, 61, who tends to late son William’s grave every day, discovered vases, plaques and flowers had all been removed from the plot in Harworth cemetery and dumped in bin bags.

Harworth and Bircotes Town Council says it has banned flowers and decorations from in front of graves and cremated remains.

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Maria made the shocking discovery last Monday as she got out of her car to find the grave in a state that she thought was “an act of vandalism”.

“I was absolutely distraught to see it like that,” she said. “In the bin bags was every plant that had been on my son’s grave.”

William tragically died two years ago and his mother has maintained his grave with seasonal flowers all year round.

She continued: “The new cemetery is six years old now since the first person went in there, so why didn’t they do this from the off?

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"The amount of people that don't know, they're going to be devastated, they're going to be absolutely devastated. I've never heard anything like it.

“When you lose somebody you can't buy them a birthday present, you can't buy them a Christmas present.

“All I can do for my son is keep his grave nice so it's a tribute to him.

“We tended that grave and we always cut the grass ourselves, and put all the plants in it. I could understand it if it was unkempt.”

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After requesting a comment from Harworth and Bircotes Town Council, a spokesperson issued the following statement.

“The Town Council is sorry for any distress or inconvenience caused.

"We are asking families to comply with the regulations obtaining to the overall management and safety issues of the cemeteries; which are aligned to those used by the District Council.

"A copy of the regulations are given to the owner of the plot following the burial of their relative.”

Notices are also understood to have been posted around the cemetery informing of the rule changes.