Ghostly monk of Conisbrough Castle captured on camera, says paranormal investigator

This is the moment a ghostly monk said to have haunted Conisbrough Castle for decades was captured on camera, says a local paranormal investigator.

Tuesday, 16th February 2021, 2:39 pm

Dean Buckley says he has twice photographed the mystery figure while carrying out paranormal research at one of Doncaster’s most historic and most haunted sites.

He says the photos – taken five years apart – show the ghost of a grey monk said to wander the ruined walls of the 11th century castle.

Dean, a member of Conisbrough Paranormal Research Association made his latest sighting last year.

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These are the photos Dean Buckley says are a ghostly monk at Conisbrough Castle. In the second photo, he says the ghostly outline of the monk is visible behind the lamp-post.

He said: “I was pretty shocked when I realised I had seen the monk again.

"I’ve been searching for proof at the castle for a number of years and I think these photos show it.”

Dean, and his partner Veronica, a spiritual medium, first saw the monk in 2015 on Castle Hill, the road leading up to the castle, as he was about to pack up for the night on a ghost hunting expedition.

He said: “I was just putting all my stuff away into my rucksack. All of a sudden, I saw a pair of legs, from the knee down. It was like a monk, dressed in gown and sandals, crossing the grounds.

"I was there with a medium called Sandra Dunne and she saw it too.”

The latest sighting was last year, just before the first coronavirus lockdown.

He said: “We were exploring the walls and it felt like someone was watching us. It felt very atmospheric.

"I took a photo and this time I caught it from the waist up.

"I’m convinced it was the same figure as I saw last time. It was a monk, just standing there.

He says he has sent the photos to friends, who are convinced the sighting is genuine.

He added: “I’m an expert and I’ve been studying the paranormal for a number of years.

"The story of the monk that haunts Conisbrough Castle has been passed down from generation to generation. I’m pleased I’ve finally got some proof and I’m looking forward to going up again and seeing what else I can find.”