Fox with head stuck in plastic tub knocked for help at a Doncaster door - before it was rescued by the RSPCA

An RSPCA officer from Doncaster came to the rescue of a fox who found herself in a bit of a pickle - after getting her head wedged in a plastic tub.

Friday, 5th April 2019, 1:08 pm
Fox with head stuck in plastic tub comes knocking for help!

The RSPCA was alerted on the morning of April 4 by a member of the public who found the fox with the plastic container stuck on her head in Schofield Street, Mexborough.

Inspector Sandra Dransfield said: “We were called shortly after 6am this morning to the distressed fox who had a white plastic tub stuck on her head.

“The callers could hear something knocking outside their house and opened the door to see the fox thrashing around with the tub on her head.

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“The plastic container looked like the tubs you can buy supplement powder or protein powder in.

“We used bolt cutters, scissors and a knife to very carefully cut the opening of the container and prise it off the fox’s head.

“Thankfully, the fox wasn’t at all injured and was otherwise in really good condition so we released her there and then so she could head back to her den.”

Officers believe the hungry fox was investigating whether there was anything tasty inside the tub when she got wedged.

This is the RSPCA’s latest rescue of an animal caught up in plastic waste and litter. Just last week, and inspector was called to help a cat in Walsall with a glass jar stuck on her head.

And staff at the charity’s wildlife centres have seen a rise in the number of wild animals - like seals - ending up in care with serious injuries caused by plastic litter.

In fact, the number of animals affected by plastic litter is at an all-time high, with incidents increasing by 22 per cent in just four years, RSPCA data revealed.

The animal welfare charity has recorded a rise in incidents affecting animals involving plastic litter from 473 in 2015 to 579 in 2018, bucking a downward trend for all types of litter (from 4,968 in 2015 to 4,579 in 2018).

Inspector Dransfield added: “Plastic litter is a growing threat to our animals and we are seeing more and more wild animals and pets affected by discarded plastic and waste.

“This fox was very lucky, she could have easily suffocated inside the tub or, if she’d have been stuck in it for too long, may well have starved.

“I’d urge people to ensure they discard of their litter responsibly.”