Four out of ten Doncaster holidaymakers have cheated on partner on a break, sex survey reveals

Four out of ten Doncaster holiday-makers have cheated on their partner while on a break, according to a new survey.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 11:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 12:15 pm

And women are more likely than men to have a holiday fling, the results have revealed.

Almost half of females (46%) said they had played away while on a break compared to 42% of men.

And what happens on tour tends to stay on tour because only 15% of women and 13% of men have confessed to their partner about being unfaithful while holidaying without them.

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Women are more likely than men to cheat on holiday.

The most popular occasions for a holiday fling are stag and hen dos.

A third of women (36%) admitted straying while away with hen pals and 32% of men have done the same on a stag do.

The results are from a new survey by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people, which has been carried out to coincide with the return of Love Island, which returned to screens on Monday.

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It found that the main reason people cheat when they are away is because they were unlikely to get caught - chosen by 42% of women and 39% of men.

Other reasons for cheating included sun being an aphrodisiac (39% of women and 36% of men), my mates were doing it (32% of women and 34% of men), I drank too much (28% of women and 30% of men) and an opportunity came up and I thought I would go for it (29% of women and 27% of men).

Only 17% of women and 13% of men have regretted having a holiday fling.

And even fewer have been caught out by their partners - just 14% of women and 12% of men said their holiday flings had been discovered.

Two-thirds of women who have had holiday flings (63%) said they would do it again along with 59% of men.

Almost all holiday flings happen when people are away with friends rather than their partners.

Only 8% of women and 11% of men have cheated while they were on a break with a loved one.

One in six women (16%) and 14% of men have had flings at home while their partners were partying abroad with friends - so it is not just holidaymakers who are cheating. Jessica Leoni said: “The sun is shining and we are about to enter peak cheating season with so many of us heading abroad for some fun.

“Many people who wouldn’t dream of cheating on their partners at home suddenly feel this compulsion to cheat when they go away with their mates.

“They know that what goes on tour, stays on tour and they are very unlikely to get caught out by their partner.”

Five most common reasons for cheating on holiday

1 I didn’t think I would get caught - 41% of cheats

2 Sun is an aphrodisiac - 37%

3 My mates were doing it - 33%

4 I drank too much - 29%

5 An opportunity came up and I thought I’d go for it - 28%