Doncaster woman joins charity run after husband was given 48 hours to live

Caroline and son, Eden.Caroline and son, Eden.
Caroline and son, Eden.
A Doncaster-woman whose husband survived a major stroke after being given 48 hours to live is running the Resolution Run to show support for stroke sufferers.

Caroline Peart, 43, signed up for the run after her husband, Graeme, suffered a stroke in 2013 and was given 48 hours to live by doctors.

Miraculously, Graeme survived but is confined to a wheelchair and has limited hearing and sight.

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Caroline, who has since had to start working part time to care for Graeme and their two boys, said: “Graeme was fine one minute – happy and healthy and then overnight everything just changed and it feels like we lost him.

“He had a highly stressful job and had frequent headaches. I remember telling him many times, ‘you have to look after yourself more’ but he just went with it.

“The reality is he won’t be getting any better and he’s actually got progressively worse since his stroke. It’s still very much a grieving process for us as a family.”

One Sunday in 2013, Graeme began shouting at Caroline that he couldn’t move and collapsed on the sofa.

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Paramedics arrived and doctors at the hospital confirmed Graeme had suffered a brain stem stroke.

Caroline was told to bring the family to the hospital as it was unlikely Graeme would survive the next 48 hours.

But against all odds, he did survive.

Caroline fulfilled a life-time ambition in 2018 by completing the London Marathon. On Sunday, March 1 she will be running in the Resolution Run in Doncaster with her 14-year-old son, Eden.

Caroline added: “It’s so hard to train for something like this - working and caring for Graeme and the kids takes up most of my time.

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“I’ve ran in the marathon and I used to be part of a running club before Graeme’s stroke so I think I’ll be fine with 5k plus we’re doing it for a condition that’s so close to our hearts as a family. That will keep me motivated.”

To join the Resolution Run, visit, email [email protected] or call 0300 330 0740.