Doncaster runner sheds whopping seven stones to finish second in Race For Life

A Doncaster runner ditched takeaways and lazing around to shed a whopping seven stones to finish in second place in this year’s Race For Life.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 11:35 am

Jordan Maddison, who tipped the scales at nearly 22 stones last year, took runners-up spot in the annual Cancer Research UK fundraiser at Town Fields on Sunday.

He has tackled a string of personal problems and has lost nearly seven stones, now weighing just over 14 stones.

Jordan, aged 26, said: “In May of last year, my son was born and during the first lockdown I was still at my parents’ house, separated from my, at the time, pregnant girlfriend.

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Jordan Maddison has shed a whopping seven stones after turning his life around.

"I just let all the worst of my habits takeover – excessive drinking, constant takeaways, laziness, gambling and playing the Xbox all day.

"That continued for the first few months of my son’s life until about August.

"I ordered some XXL football shirts online and these things just absolutely did not come close to fitting me, so I weighed myself and I saw 303.9lbs (21.7 st) on the scale.

“I was shocked, in my head I knew 304lbs was how much they said wrestler Hulk Hogan weighed back in the day, but he was 6ft 8in and jacked - I was 5ft 8in and not jacked.”

Race for Life has returned to Town Fields in Doncaster.

Jordan, who now lives in South Elmsall, decided enough was enough and he decided to tackle his weight demons.

He said: “I made a conscious effort to start losing weight. In November/December time my family broke up and my son’s mother moved out, that caused a whole depression

situation for a few months.

"But in February I finished a book called Can’t Hurt Me by a Navy Seal David Goggins that inspired me to really address all my problems and change my life, stop feeling sorry

for myself and really become obsessed with being better.”

Signing up in May after completing a 5k run, since then he has run 500km on the road including four half marathons and an 18 mile run.

He said: “The process has changed my whole mindset - I’m so much more confident in myself, I’ve put it out to the universe that I’m gonna run a marathon before my next

birthday and I’ve also signed up to fight for ultra white collar boxing in November, so we’re keeping busy.”