Doncaster photographer hopes to display the images they captured of the town during the pandemic

A photographer who was using the medium to cope with the challenges of lockdown is turning her photos of Doncaster into a series to reflect on pandemic life.

By Laura Andrew
Friday, 18th September 2020, 7:00 am

Amelia Lonsdale says she has not been bored once during the last six months because she has been working on a photographic series called ‘God Bless Bentley.’

She has been happily snapping photos for months documenting the town of Bentley where she lives during the pandemic.

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Amelia Lonsdale is a 25 year old photographer from Bentley.

“I moved to Bentley last year and I hadn’t really had a chance to explore the area yet so this was a great way for me to discover the community.”

At the beginning of the lockdown, Amelia was using the government allotted one hour walk a day to go out into Bentley and take photos of what was happening in the town.

Unfortunately, she lost her job in sales at the start of the pandemic and was unable to find another for six months but this gave her time to work on her photography project.

The project is continuous but Amelia hopes to have 20 images to display in an exhibition by the end.

Amelia Lonsdale has been taking photos of Bentley for months and is putting them together in a series called 'God Bless Bentley.'

She has been focusing on suburban areas mixed with green spaces and aims to capture the beauty in unlikely places.

“I named the project ‘God Bless Bentley’ because that’s how I and my partner have felt during the pandemic,” she continued.

“There is so much here from the shops to park, we didn’t have to leave Bentley during those first difficult months because everything was here.

The photos show suburbun areas in Bentley and Amerlia focuses on finding beauty in unusual places.

Amelia wants to highlight the wonderful things that people may walk past every day and not give much thought to.

One of her favourite images in the collection so far is of a tree that has grown with a large hole in the middle of it.

“There is so much beauty where we live,” she said.

This is Amelia's favourite photo so far from the series - a tree with a large hole in the middle.

Amelia’s project is being funded by Doncaster Creates which you can find out more about here.

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Amelia says she hasn't been bored for one day of the lockdown because she has always had photography to rely on to keep her occupied.