Doncaster mum's anger after daughter, 15, in school ban over 'medical’ ear-ring

A Doncaster schoolgirl has been kept at home for five weeks by her angry mum after she was banned from wearing a ‘medical’ ear-ring.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 10:20 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 10:24 am
Storm Jarrold has been off school for five weeks because of this stud ear-ring.
Storm Jarrold has been off school for five weeks because of this stud ear-ring.

Storm Jarrold, 15, has been missing from lessons at Doncaster’s Hungerhill School for more than a month after she was stopped from wearing the holistic jewellery which her mum says helps her cope with severe migraines.

Now angry mother Sarize Hill is demanding the school allow her daughter to wear the small stud – or face a continuing stand-off.

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Storm Jarrold has been off school for five weeks because of this stud ear-ring.

She said: “It’s a tiny little stud in her ear but because it’s not in the lobe, the school says it is in breach of its policy on jewellery.

“It helps her with her migraines and since she has started wearing it, she has been feeling a lot better.

“She’s not wearing it as a fashion statement, she’s wearing it because it helps her feel better.”

Mrs Hill, of Thorne Road, Clay Lane, says Storm, may now have to consider moving to another school if the ban is not lifted.

Storm Jarrold and the piercing which has been banned by Hungerhill School.

She said: “She has had problems in the past and was bullied and she has had issues with her mental health and has been on medication because of it.

“The school used to send her home all the time because she was feeling dizzy and suffering migraines and she was taking a lot of time off.”

Mrs Hill says Storm has had a number of medical appointments with doctors and opticians to determine the cause of the migraines and is due to undergo an operation later this year for a sinus problem.

Teenager Storm Jarrold has been told she may have to transfer to another school unless the row is resolved.

“I read up how holistic jewellery can help relieve pain so she got a piercing done, a tiny little stud. I even got her a translucent one so it can’t be seen.

“Since then it has worked and at first she had no problems at school.

“It only came to light because she wore her hair up one day and a teacher spotted it.”

Since then, Mrs Hill has kept Year 10 pupil Storm away from the Edenthorpe school – and has had numerous meetings and conversations with bosses in a bid to resolve the issue.

She said: “They just tell me it is against their policy and procedure. They are allowed one small stud in each earlobe and nothing else, even though this one is just a holistic ear-ring that helps her with her migraines.

“I just want Storm back in school. They have told me that they will consider moving her to another school. I think that the school just doesn’t like Storm and she’s been victimised for it.”

Helen Redford-Hernandez, headteacher at Hungerhill School, said: “Hungerhill School has a clear uniform policy which includes a section on the wearing of jewellery. 

“This is published on our website under the section for parents and, is shared widely with parents, carers and students through regular newsletters, assemblies and other communications. 

“The policy is understood and followed by the majority of our parents, who are very supportive and understand the need to make sure their children wear our uniform correctly and with pride. 

“Our belief is that the uniform sets a clear standard of personal appearance and students are expected to comply with the policy at all times.

“It is with regret that, occasionally, the policy is not adhered to; in this case, we may ask students to go home and change, or, invite parents in for a meeting to resolve the issue.”