Doncaster glamour star in shocking brawl with fellow model outside nightclub

This is the shocking moment a glamour model from Doncaster was filmed brawling with a fellow beauty star outside a Slovakian nightclub.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 4:59 pm

26-year-old Crystal Foster, who comes from Doncaster and her friend Beth Adams, were caught on camera kicking and punching each other and pulling each other’s hair out, exposing themselves to shocked bystanders as they rolled around on the floor in the vicious fight.

Violence erupted outside the Mow Bar in Bratislava when Beth's phone was smashed during a melee outside the club, The Sun reported.

Crystal, who has modelled for Playboy and has 110,000 Instagram followers, said she and Beth had been paid to appear at a promotional event at the club where the brutal fight broke out.

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Doncaster glamour model Crystal Foster was filmed brawling with fellow model Beth Adams outside a club in Slovakia. (Photos: Instagram/The Sun).

She said that one bouncer became aggressive and vulgar towards her and other guests.

She said: 'This became physical, resulting in him smacking me in the face with the palm of his hand, and then much worse.'

In the commotion, Beth's phone was smashed as the bouncer attacked Crystal outside the club, she claims.

The drunken pair then got into their own fight in front of the crowd of revellers at the popular Bratislava club.

Crystal said: 'We are models and we flew there together - she was just too drunk and the fight between myself and Beth shouldn't have happened.

Police were called to the scene but Crystal says she then headed straight to the airport and took the first flight home, despite suffering injuries from the brawl

'But she pushes me and after being physically attacked for a good five minutes by men - I snapped to defend myself. I'd had enough.'

A spokesperson for the bar told Slovakian publication Novy Cas: 'Due to the fact that one of the actors also started targeting physical attacks against guests and employees who ensure security within the company's premises, according to security procedures, our guests were protected as a matter of priority.

'Security staff have no right to intervene outside the contracted areas,' they went on.

Beth tweeted the following day: 'Being questioned by police was fab this morning, especially when they asked what I did for a living, lol.'