Doncaster couple create hilarious spoof movie photos lampooning films including Star Wars, ET and Titanic

A Doncaster couple are turning Hatfield into Hollywood – from their own home!

By David Kessen
Sunday, 17th May 2020, 1:17 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th May 2020, 11:35 am

Damien and Lydia Oliver have taken up a new hobby during lockdown which sees them create hilarous domestic versions of cinema’s best known blockbusters.

They have staged still photographs of some of the best known big screen images and then shown them to friends on social media to give them a laugh.

They first started their new hobby with a mocked up version of the scene from Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio hands on to the side of the lifeboat and stares into Kate Winslet’s eyes.

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Damien and Lydia Oliver stunting up ET in their garden with a crate and a couple of hoodies

But without director James Cameron’s multimillion dollar budget and state of the art CGI, they have recreated the scene in their kitchen with the use of a handy table!

That was about a month ago. Since then they have repeated the idea dozens of times with films spanning several decades.

Damien, aged 42, whose day job is in IT sales, is currently working from home. Lydia aged 32, works as buyer for a kitchen manufacturer.

Damien said: “We’ve been doing eight or nine at a time, over a couple of hours, and them posted them on social media to show our friends.

Damien and Lydia Oliver's version of The Empire Strikes Back

“It has just been me and my wife, Lydia, with the camera, a tripod and remote camera. We’ve just been trying to create scenes that people would recognise, rather than dressing up.

“The first one we did was Titanic – that was my hanging onto the kitchen table! We had a really good response from our friends so we’ve kept on doing it.

“I’ve been putting one online every Sunday, and then putting the answers on a couple of hours later. I think we’re happy to keep going until people get bored of it. We thought about stopping but people seem to want us to keep going.

“I love films. My favourite is Good Will Hunting, but I’ve stayed clear of doing that one because I like it so much, and the pictures we do are pretty tongue in cheeck.

Damien and Lydia Oliver recreating Titanic

“My favourite that I’ve done so far was ET, which we did in the garden. That was the most fun to do.”