Doncaster artist builds go-karts to share big ideas with children in town centre exhibition

An interactive exhibition of working go-karts is coming to the Doncaster town centre, it will aim to teach children about sustainability, art and creativity.

By Laura Andrew
Thursday, 17th September 2020, 7:00 am

Sacha Gray is an artist who often works with children through the Journey Education programme in Tickhill.

She is passionate about teaching kids about art in ways that are fun and easy for them to understand at any age.

The artist from Benltey said: “I’m going to make four go-karts as part of this project.

Sacha Gray is a Doncaster based artist who is making go-karts to introduce children to art.

“Another will be filled with plants and I’m making one covered in stencils that can be drawn on with chalk.”

Sacha chose the medium of go-karts as she has fond memories of building them herself as a child and the joy that it brought her.

She hopes that the combination of fun with educational materials will be a good way to teach Doncaster children about the benefits of art.

She said: “Art can be such a powerful tool for children.

“There is a rapidly building urgency for radical change within our society.

“I want our children to grow knowing that their voices are valid and valued in a world where their future is scary and uncertain.

“Unfortunately they don’t learn this at school and we’re seeing less and less of a focus on the arts in the classrooms.”

Sacha wants to get children thinking about the future and encourage them to ask questions.

When she has built all of the karts she hopes to have an interactive exhibition in the town centre as she feels that is where they could have the largest impact.

“I hope that by doing this in a public space I will be able to spark conversations.”

Sacha feels the interactive element is important to engage children so the go-karts will be fully functional and they will be able to be ridden.

Visual elements are also being included as Sacha recognises that not all children learn in the same way.

“I’m hoping to film the piece at Bentley Urban Farm and it will be centred around sustainability and the environment.”

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