Do women feel safe walking alone in Doncaster? – one woman said ‘Your not safe anywhere these days’

The topic of female safety has been debated heavily over the past week following the news of a woman disappearing when she was walking home at night, this is what Doncaster women had to say about the issue.

By Laura Andrew
Friday, 12th March 2021, 9:52 am

Sophie Kitching, said: “I think it’s insane that women can’t walk out at night or even during the day without feeling uncomfortable or threatened.

“We should feel safe on our streets, we shouldn’t have to learn how to behave or what we should or shouldn’t wear, we should be able to do whatever we want and wear whatever we want without feeling unsafe.

“We shouldn’t have to carry self defence items just in case.

Do Doncaster women feel safe walking alone at night?

"It isn’t right.”

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Lauren Wilkinson, said: “Ever since being a young teenager I have never felt safe walking the streets daylight or night time there is not a chance I would ever walk through a field or woodlands alone.

"I’m from Middlesbrough and now live in Doncaster but I’ve always felt the same no matter what town I’m in.”

Debra Baxter, said: “I live on a main road and I’m amazed how many young girls I see walking on their own late at night early hours in a morning.

"Some with headphones on phone in full view and I fear for their safety and it makes me so mad to think why shouldn’t they be able to walk alone at night?”

Some readers suggested ideas to make women feel more comfortable out at night.

Helen Griffiths, said: “Solar lighting or movement ones at least needs to be in more places especially the parks.“People use these for dog walking or jogging and in the winter months they are so dark that I have to get hubby to watch me through the window sometimes on Townfields.”

Sara Ann said: “I think there should be a community group set up for each area.“Maybe some people who get off buses after work or need to walk home at night in the dark can ask people who can volunteer from the group meet them and walk them home safely. “Police need to help too...I never see any police in the area.”

Many felt that this was a problem that has gotten worse over the years.

Jo Cliff, said: “As a 16 year old I used to walk back from town to town moor in the mid 90’s at 2am when nightclubs shut.”Now I wont walk to the shop around the corner.”

Chris Thompson agreed.

She said: “As I've got older, I would never walk alone at night.

"Even early morning with nobody about if I've walked through town to work, I feel uneasy.

“You just don't know nowadays who's knocking about.”

Meg Greatorex, said: “I used to walk across a big pitch black field when I was young to get home.

"It never bothered me then but it seems more likely it would be risky to do now, things are different.”

Sabrina Honeyman, said: “As a 16 year old I used to walk through some woods from one village to the next in pitch black.“My parents didn't know, they thought I was accompanied.

“It didn't bother me then, I didn't feel worried at all.“But now, no way would I do it.

"Your not safe anywhere these days.”

But not everyone agrees.

Melanie Simpson, said: “ I feared nothing as a late teen, wouldn't do the things I did then.“However I don't think the world is anymore dangerous than when I was young.

“I think our perception of it changes as we get older.”

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