Dare you visit the haunted Doncaster tunnel said to home to a string of ghosts?

A paranormal investigator says an abandoned rail tunnel near Doncaster is one of the country’s most haunted places – and is home to a string of ghosts.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 12:00 pm

Cadeby Tunnel between Conisbrough and Cadeby has been unused for nearly 50 years – and has become a magnet for ghost hunters.

Now local paranormal enthusiast Dean Buckley says the tunnel is haunted by a number of different spirits - and has dared people to visit this Halloween.

He said: "It can be very atmospheric at night and you feel you are not alone - you feel like you are being watched all the time.”

The abandoned railway tunnel is said to be one of the most haunted places in the region.

Mr Buckley, who has investigated the tunnel, which shut in 1975 with mediums Gail Buckley and Veronica Buckley, says he has had ‘a number of experiences’ there.

He said: “I saw three figures walking past the tunnel.

“There have been unexplained banging and voices heard as well as footsteps coming from the tunnel.

"We’ve done investigations all over – both sides and through the the tunnel as well asoutside in the woods area and above it as well.”

Mr Buckley says the tunnel is haunted by the spirit of a young girl from the local area, known as the Mexborough Ragger.

He said: “The story goes she was hit by an oncoming train in the tunnel with her brother as well.

"They were both carrying water through it. It is her spirit that has been seen by locals as they walk past.”

"It is also haunted by another spirit called George. Our medium picked up on him in the tunnel.

"He is heard shuffling in the tunnel and grunting - also his footsteps can be heard running into the tunnel from time to time still to this day.”

If that wasn’t enough, there are further reports of ghost sightings at the tunnel.

He said: “There are also three figures that have been seen outside the tunnel.

"They are from the late 1600s time period and the three figures going back in time were highwayman robbing in the area – one used to be a soldier in his younger days they told our mediums, not very approachable charcters.”

Gail Buckley said: “The girl would be between eight years and ten years, light hair, thin looking in an old dress like rags.

"She was a very timid young girl.”

Added Mr Buckley: “Dare you go down and visit the tunnel at night?”

In 2019, a trio of female paranormal investigators say they were left ‘freaked out’ after encountering what they say was the ghost of a policeman in the abandoned Doncaster railway tunnel.

The trio – Charlene, Chrissie and Aimee from Facebook ghost investigation group Paranormal Hauntings – were exploring the abandoned train tunnel in September of that year.

Explained Charlene: “I heard footsteps and then there was a really bright torchlight in our faces and a male voice shouting “South Yorkshire Police” at us.”

One of the trio challenged the officer for ID – but the group then say the ‘policeman’ vanished into thin air.

Mr Buckley, along with Veronica and paranormal investigator Adele Thomas plan to spend Halloween carrying out a ghost investigation at Conisbrough’s Ivanhoe WMC.