Boris Johnson is planning a national celebration to mark Brexit on January 31

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning a nationwide celebration to mark Brexit on January 31, according to reports.

Downing Street has confirmed that plans are in place to commemorate Britain’s departure from the EU later this month.

The Sun reports that the PM's spokesman refused to discuss details but confirmed there were plans in place to mark the date when we will leave the EU after 47 years of membership.

The newspaper reported that the PM’s office stated that: “January 31 will be "a significant moment in our country's history" and details of the official events will be announced "shortly".

Boris Johnson, pictured during a visit to Doncaster Market last September, is planning a natiownide Brexit celebration. (Photo: Getty).

Brexiteer MPs want Big Ben to chime at 11pm on January 31 – the exact time of Britain’s departure.

And Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is planning a £100,000 party in Parliament Square on the night - with fireworks, bands and speakers.

He said the event would be an upbeat, optimistic, genuine celebration with no direct political edge whatsoever".

The Prime Minister's spokesman told the newspaper: “In terms of our departure on 31 January, we will set out our plans shortly.

“It’s clearly a significant moment in our country’s history, but we will set all of our plans out shortly.”

Last year, plans for a commemorative 50p piece to mark Brexit had to be scrapped and coins melted down after Mr Johnson failed to fulfil a previous pledge of delivering Brexit by October 31.

Following December’s General Election, which saw a landslide victory for Mr Johnson’s Conservative Party, legislation paving the way to confirm Britain’s departure on January 31 has already begun its process through Parliament, with no significant hurdles expected before the deadline.

Locally, a Brexit celebration party has been planned at Doncaster’s Diamond Lounge while there have also been calls for people to gather in public places to burn EU flags on January 31.

However, a number of counter celebrations are also planned by Remain supporting groups to say thank you to the European Union and celebrate Britain’s place within Europe on the same date.