Pass the Paracetamols ... some of us spend almost two years of our life hungover

Wherever I hang me headWherever I hang me head
Wherever I hang me head
Almost 700 days a lifetime are on average spent suffering a hangover.

Shock stats from a recent survey of over 1,000 Brits reveal the average person will spend more than two years of their life hungover.

The average Brit will suffer from headaches, nausea and fatigue for around 5 hours a week - usually a Sunday caused by a hard drinking session.

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Unsurprisingly, those aged between 18-24 were more likely to suffer from the ill effects of drinking. The average 18-24 year will suffer from hangovers twice a week and will take 6 hours to recover.

But, it’s not just the younger generation that are over indulging, those aged 65 and over also suffer from increased hangovers and take on average 7 hours to recover.

During the course of a lifetime, alcohol delivery service, Booze Up estimates that the average Brit will spend 682 days - or nearly 2 years suffering with a hangover.

Booze Up calculated the figures by multiplying the average amount of time people spent hungover each month with the average life expectancy.

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Co-Founder Ashleigh Fletcher said: “It’s well known that hangovers affect just about everybody, but it’s shocking to think that as a nation we spend nearly two years of our lives feeling lousy.”

The figures, released today, also show that there is a gender divide, with the average woman taking one hour longer to recover from a hangover than their male counterparts.

Further findings show that people in Scotland are much more likely to have a hangover, with 20 per cent of Scots experiencing 5 hangovers or more each month compared to 6 per cent of Brits.

Co-Founder of Booze Up, Darren Sawyer said: “By simply reducing the amount we drink, we can reduce the amount of time spent nursing a hangover.”

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