This week's readers' letter: Doncaster Council should think again about closing public toilets early


Thursday, 5th August 2021, 9:00 am
Opening times of the toilets at Sandall Park. Picture: NDFP-03-08-21-SandallPark 1-NMSY

RE: Your article about the disabled toilet at Sandal Park.

There is a disabled toilet at present, it has a notice stating it is closed at 2.45pm daily, as are the others. Why have a padlock on the door in addition to the radar key?

I, along with many others, have medical conditions that require access to toilets at all times.

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In lockdown people and authorities took the attitude that public conveniences were not required, bodily functions continue!

In the 1960s local authorities took the attitude that one of the ways to save money was to close public conveniences. How many did? Doncaster Council and parish pouncils closed in spite of disability legislation.

Public conveniences came about in the 19th century because of cholera epidemics which killed the Prince Consort in 1860.

I was told by the clerk of works at Wesminster Abbey 20 years ago that the plumbing was installed by Thomas Crapper who was born in Thorne.

Councils need to think again!

Joffrey Sprakes