This week's readers' letter: Claims made against former Doncaster MP Ed Miliband


Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 10:22 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 10:23 am
Ed Miliband MP chats with Dennis Crew during his visit to Hatfield Colliery near Doncaster on the day it was announced it is to close.Picture Scott Merrylees

I am stunned by the incredible response from Ed Miliband to the response from Boris Johnson regarding the Mine Workers Pension Fund.

I note that during the 13 years of a Labour government no attempt was made to recover any of the money that was part of an agreement with the Mineworkers Union representatives and the government of the day back in 1994.. Tony Blair could have stopped this from escalating to the degree in which it sees the government profiteering off the backs of the miners, regardless of political party. Only three years in, every miner who was contributing was in no doubt this scheme was not in their best interests but no representation was made to the Labour government.

Tony Blair along with his financial expert Gordon Brown continued to create a borrowing deficit of £163 billion a year and leaving a national debt of £777 billion. In the years that followed it has been very hard for the government to repay this money without causing hardship to many with massive cuts in financial support for local councils but the austerity measures were needed to get back on track financially. So many complaints from Labour run councils on the lack of resources and financial support but not one of them targeted the people responsible, that would be the Labour party!

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Seeing some light at the end of the tunnel Boris Johnson made it an election pledge to address the matter of the surplus of the Miners Pension Fund. He won the election and within months the country was hit by a pandemic of huge proportions which has impacted financially on everything.

To say the country is back to the state it was in after 13 years of Labour would not be an exaggeration. People have lost loved ones, those facing an up-hill battle with cancer because their treatment was either stopped or delayed, families not meeting and those in care homes isolated but not understanding why. The Tory government doing their level best to support the people in all manner of need and Ed Miliband uses the Miners Pension Fund as a chance for electioneering completely oblivious to the fact the former Labour party government would have spent every single penny they took from the surplus Miners Pension Fund payments over the 13years they were in office to fund their completely incompetent financial dealings!

For those readers of the Free Press letters page the correspondence about the Labour run councils dealings with the management company of the market should tell you all you need to know about Labour's financial incompetence.

Where we had a thriving market we now have a huge gap. Go figure!

Anne Rutherford

Norwood Road, Dunscroft