READERS' LETTERS: Meghan Markle saw Prince Harry as a quick way to find fame

Here are this week’s readers’ letters.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 1:20 pm

Fed up of roadworks

So, is it just me or are there more like minded road fund paying motorists who are sick the back teeth of the totally unnecessary delays cause by roadworks and temporary traffic lights that spring up overnight night without out any warning?

In the village of Dunsville we had a bust water main that was left pouring water out of four weeks; this leak was on the footpath and not the main road, despite this the contractors set up “temporary traffic lights” and traffic cones for a distance of around 200 metres, although there were no actual works taking place on the main road these traffic lights were left in place for the duration of the works including weekends.

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Meghan Markle pictured with husband Prince Harry and the Queen

Then to make matters worse our local authority DMBC allowed further roadworks and temporary traffic lights to be installed on Dunsville High Street opposite Greens Road at the same time causing further chaos and misery to the unsuspecting motorists. I believe these temporary traffic lights will be hired at a cost that will be paid by the council tax payers so why are these temporary traffic lights left in use when not needed, they could easily be packed away and the end of the shift and replaced the following day?

The question must be asked, why does the highways department not work with the ward councillors of the specific area and keep disruption to a minimum for the poor motorist, maybe the whole local authority needs a complete overhaul?

Mick Glynn,

Hatfield town councillor,

Doncaster Road,


Quick way to find fame

I believe that Piers Morgan was not entirely wrong on everything he said concerning Meghan Markle. I believe this was in her mind before she and Harry were married. A plan B. in case things didn't go to her liking, I think she saw a very quick way to fame which she would probably never achieve as an actress. Can someone explain why she invited to her wedding a person she or he had never met and didn't know? I have never heard of, or know of, anyone who has done this. The person in question is Oprah Winfrey. If Meghan was having problems with her mental state, then surely her husband should have got her help, what kind of husband wouldn't do this?

I believe Harry and Meghan should get nothing from the UK, if she didn't know what the job entailed that is her fault. They are now just another couple who are out of work. They have turned their backs on the UK. They have put themselves out of work, so are entitled to nothing. To the 40,000 people who complained about Morgan, I would like to point out that free speech is still allowed in this country, although getting less and less each day for some of us.

Dave Croucher,Pinfold Gardens,Doncaster.

Park and ride

Why is it we have the government, MPs and the local council urging us to use public transport to help with the reduction of carbon emissions?

Not having been to town for a long time due to the present lockdown we decided to go to town and use the park and ride only to be informed that the information desk, toilets, and the inside waiting area to be closed down within the next two weeks.

I assume this is due to cost cutting between the council and SYPTE, this is okay in fine weather but not standing outside waiting for a bus in bad weather.

I feel this will only encourage people to start taking their cars back into town cancelling out the initial plan of park and ride.

Maurice Broadbent,

Bond Street,