Readers' Letter: Fingerprint DNA should become compulsory


Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 2:25 pm
Fingerprint DNA should be compulsory to fight crime

With all the trouble and damage being done by people breaking the law and destroying other peoples property and public property, the government and the police are missing an ideal opportunity to quell the problem and save time and money in the long run by solving crimes.

It is a great opportunity to start a finger print and DNA database for the UK, anyone who watches crime documentries on TV will have seen how helpful finger print and DNA databases are in solving Crimes. DNA and fingerprinting should be compulsory for everyone entering the UK and anyone who is arrested for any crime regardless of age, ethnicity or faith, it could even save lives.

There are people everywhere dying because they can't find matches for organ transplants, it can also discount innocent people from many crimes. This could stop criminals from entering the UK.

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Come on Boris, just think how much crime could be avoided if the police could check peoples identity on the spot. There would be no more giving false names to the police, this would be a win win situation to help protect the British public and help the police do their job.

David Croucher

Fishlake, Doncaster