Readers' Letter: Are we to be restricted from normal life forever?


Friday, 24th December 2021, 12:48 pm
The shadow business secretary voted to impose vaccine passports

So yesterday evening the shadow business secretary voted to impose vaccine passports on large venues, nightclubs etc, no doubt these will be extended to pubs and restaurants all for a virus which is getting weaker.

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The MP for Don Valley also voted for these. Both voted to sack over 100 NHS staff who haven’t been vaccinated as yet. No doubt they have been working through this and will have natural immunity. Neither are following the science and I do hope the people remember this when it comes to cast and lend their votes at the next election. It is now time to live with this virus like we do with the flu or common cold. Enough is enough, people are suffering mental health issues, anxiety over their businesses. What will they do next restrict all of us from living a normal life forever?

Ian Wilson