Not everyone opposes this new store plan for Tickhill

Residents oppose plan to turn a former Doncaster village pub into convenience store and flats - well a huge number you haven’t asked don’t oppose it!

Monday, 9th September 2019, 2:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 1:11 pm
The former Millstone pub in Tickhill

So it’s okay for a restaurant, cafe, tea room, well we have plenty of those too that provide an excellent service so that contradicts saving local businesses.

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Hands up who goes to large supermarkets as well as Tickhill ones? So having a larger shopping area does not necessarily mean it could destroy local businesses yet if that is the conclusion then having another cafe or tea room could too.Please ask all the other residents in Tickhill what they would like before you conclude from some signatures what Tickhill thinks.I have heard many say that Taylor’s is great but even though it delivers it is closed for lunch daily and not open some days! People like to go into supermarkets too. Many like the idea. This pub is huge and falling into vandalism. Many residents hope for an extra cash machine in Tickhill too. Many would like the parking to shop in the new supermarket as others are always congested, also it will be modern for disabled people with additional parking for them. Please put others’ views forward.


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