LETTERS: The situation with fly-tipping and dumped rubbish is across the whole of Doncaster

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Scourge of our society

Generally the conventional wisdom is to not look back but to only look forwards as living in the past does not really benefit the future. However, we have decided to contradict ourselves on this policy as we feel fly-tipping is a scourge on society and we can learn from the recent past.

We all know how bad the situation with fly-tipping and dumped rubbish is across the whole of Doncaster particularly in our small towns and villages. It is a nuisance and is causing ahuge level of distress for residents and the environment too. It just makes us look and feelbad!

Flytipping is the scourge of our society

Doncaster’s Conservative team also know that we used to open Household Waste Recycling Centres a lot more often than now. James Hart the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Doncaster has made a clear manifesto pledge to extend the opening hours of HWRCs acrosst he borough. This issue was reinforced recently, in a scrutiny meeting, attended by Councillor Richard Allan Jones. Coun Jones raised his frustrations about his experiences having to drive around the borough as a he wanted to dispose of his waste in a legally permissible manner. Arrivingat two HWRCs that were closed through a normal working day. It is also the case that fly-tipping and littering was properly tackled when we had a Conservative cabinet member in charge of this policy area – Cynthia Ransome. Coun Ransome worked hard to ensure that proper enforcement action was taken against those who cause this problem by littering. Proper enforcement is a major way out of this problem but sadly, it is one which this Labour Council refuse to acknowledge. We know that p eople from across Doncaster care about this issue and want to see a change. This is something very important to Don Valley’s Conservative MP, Nick Fletcher. He has raised it, consistently, at every opportunity. We want to stop fly-tipping and we want to stop littering and by extending the opening of Household Waste Recycling Centres we are moving in the right direction.

Councillors Jane Cox, Steve Cox, Richard Allan Jones, and Nick Allen,

Doncaster Conservatives.

Memorial is macabre

The recent art works in Doncaster, ie: in front of the station and now in the town centre are depressing and a sheer waste of money. Who was consulted about these art works? The front of the station was looking fantastic until the grim looking slabs were erected. The miners memorial is macabre to say the least and many have expressed their dislike.

Why do we need these memorials? The mines and the railway were major employers in the town but let's not forget the many other trades and professions who gave much to the vibrancy of the town. The regeneration of the town is to be applauded but let it reflect us all and stop spending much needed money on controversial expensive art works.

Jenny Firth,


Cou ncil Tax is unfair

I am not happy about paying more in Council Tax given that it is one of the most unfair taxes we have in this country. Nevertheless, services have to be paid for. Moreover, councillors opposing tax rises don't seem to have much credibility if they don't put forward an alternative budget. It is high time that Council Tax was scrapped and replaced with something fairer. It would also make sense to transfer responsibility for social care from councils to a new national body working alongside the NHS and funded from general taxation. The sooner the better.

Peter Sellars,

Denaby Main