Footballing youngsters are ambassadors for Verrico charity

As the new football season begins for our local teams, one under-16 side in particular will be playing ‘just like Barcelona’.
Anna Verrico with children Lucio and Alexandro.Anna Verrico with children Lucio and Alexandro.
Anna Verrico with children Lucio and Alexandro.

Bottesford Town FC boys team have decided to adopt a charity as shirt ‘sponsor’ this season like the illustrious Catalan side, rather than opt for a commercial organisation.

Perhaps the most famous Bottesford Town FC player is current Scunthorpe United captain Sam Slocombe, a key supporter of chosen charity Team Verrico.

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Speaking after the charity’s recent launch ball, Slocombe tweeted that he had met ‘such inspirational and passionate people’ at the event.

The Team Verrico message is at the front of the minds of the current crop of junior players.

Explaining the reason for sporting the Team Verrico logo on their chests, striker Brad Croxall explained: “We all wanted to wear something that means a lot to us.

“I know the two Verrico children, Lucia and Alessandro (right with late mum), as they go to a children’s centre that my mum runs in Epworth.

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“Even though our team are all young lads, we were all really upset last year when their mum died.

“Getting involved in the charity, and explaining to other people what it’s all about, are all part of it. But we also really want to raise some money for what is a great cause.

“We’ve got loads of ideas and there will be some serious sponsored stuff going on. We also really want to have a successful season.

“The Team Verrico motto of ‘Don’t EVER give up’ is one we are all going to take on board.”

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As charity chairman, I compliment the young men for their decision: It’s really important to the charity to get our message across to young and old that some of these rare cancers are totally indiscriminate as to who they attack.

The youngsters from Bottesford Town (above) are ambassadors for us and demonstrate to all that taking action to fight this insidious disease can be championed even by those still at school. We wish them every success this season.

* by Paul Verrico

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