Doncaster mumn warns rise in virus cases ‘inevitable’  with easing of restrictions

Columnist Carleen PoppyColumnist Carleen Poppy
Columnist Carleen Poppy | User (UGC)
As a person who is shielding, I wish to express my concern about the government's easing of restrictions and how they are doing it.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick stated the country was at level four of the scale and working towards level three.

I dispute the use of the levels in that, for level four it states clearly maintain social distancing.

Level three is where shops and other places will start reopening. The ‘small modest’ changes Mr Jenrick stated are massive if you look at the reaction of the British public, throwing aside all concern for distancing in their hurry to get out again.

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People have flocked back to parks with the easing of lockdown restrictionsPeople have flocked back to parks with the easing of lockdown restrictions
People have flocked back to parks with the easing of lockdown restrictions | JPIMedia

Schools reopening. It’s all very well saying ‘80 per cent of schools have remained open during the

lockdown for some children, including those whose parents are keyworkers and this indicates schools are safe environments’, but the number of children who used schools during this time has been tiny compared with normal numbers. Social distancing has been relatively easy to enforce with these numbers. The same cannot be said for a full school with classes of 30.

The government is using the R number as an indicator of the spread of the virus, but the numbers being used now are already weeks out of date. The R number does not take into account the numbers of people breaking the restrictions to go to parks now and having parties.

Scientists ‘including some scientific advisors to the government, have expressed concern’ restrictions are being eased too quickly. The association of Directors of Public Health warned restrictions ‘were being relaxed too quickly as ‘the public is not keeping to social distancing as it was’.

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As a shielding person in Doncaster’ my fear is further raised after reading Doncaster is the fourth worst place that has not yet peaked.

Government easing restrictions are not taking into account the different areas on the country, and this is dangerous.

Too much is being reopened at once, so when they see a spike in cases and deaths will they know which part of the easing worked or not, if any.

There will be a rise in cases – it’s inevitable with the huge numbers of people not adhering to lockdown rules.

Has the government and country forgotten lockdown only began halfway up the curve, because nobody thought to do anything till the virus was already rampant?

They keep saying they know the virus has not gone away, so how is easing restrictions logical and how are they protecting the vulnerable and others?

Let me throw something else out there…

It has also been scientifically shown a virus the second time around can often be more fatal. because the immune system overreacts and kills the patient, a cytokine storm.

Some people are reacting severely to Covid-19 and this could well be because of cytokine storms which also explains why the young are less likely affected this way because their immune systems are less developed.

So while the country jumps back into first gear, egged on by the government, remember having the virus does not make you exempt from it a second time, nor would that second bout be less serious.