Opinion: "It's just summer!" Why Doncaster climate change idiots need to wake up

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For the past few days, as is want in these times, your Free Press has been accused of scaremongering and whipping up heatwave hysteria.

Every story about impending record temperatures was met with scorn and derision by numerous users of our Facebook page.

"It’s just summer,” screamed the more vocal ones. “Oooh, hot temperatures in summer, there’s a surprise,” wrote others.

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"Stop lying and creating fear and panic,” stormed another. “40c? Come off it, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Devastating wildfires have wreaked havoc in Doncaster.Devastating wildfires have wreaked havoc in Doncaster.
Devastating wildfires have wreaked havoc in Doncaster.

"We were fine in 1976 – it’s just summer.”

The comments kept coming.

Well, it gives us absolutely no pleasure, but we told you so.

And try saying “it’s just summer” to people waking up in Doncaster this morning who’ve lost their homes and possessions after record 40c temperatures sparked a series of devastating wildfires all over the city.

Fire crews were stretched to the hilt, homes were hit by power cuts, supermarket freezers broke down, rail lines buckled – and Doncaster saw its hottest day ever, the mercury reaching an astonishing 40c – smashing the previous record of 35.5c set in 1990.

That’s ‘just summer’ is it?

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Numerous plumes of smoke drifting across the city, leading one to describe Doncaster as looking like ‘a post apocalyptic wasteland.’

That’s ‘just summer’ is it?

Doncaster’s heat record being smashed by nearly five degrees and nearly 30 places across the country all smashing the previous UK record.

That’s ‘just summer’ is it?

The fact of the matter is we are living in worrying times – and its time climate change denying idiots in Doncaster woke up to the fact.

These are not normal temperatures for Doncaster. These are the kind of temperatures you’d see in Dubai or the Sahara.

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The word ‘unprecedented’ has been bandied around a lot these last few days – and that’s absolutely the case. Doncaster has just recorded its hottest ever day and still the ‘it’s just summer’ brigade bleat on.

We’re not ‘woke,’ we’re not ‘snowflakes’ as no doubt the gammon out there will rage, we just happen to believe what the experts are telling us.

You know, climate change experts who’ve spent years studying the trends, the data, the change.

Who to believe – them or Dave from Balby who in the last few years has managed to become an expert on international trade rules in the wake of Brexit, vaccines and epidemiology in the wake of the Covid pandemic and now climate change?

Hmmmmm, it’s certainly a tricky one.

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Flooding, wildfires, blistering temperatures – these are all stories which are becoming more and more common in Doncaster.

But yet, the social media warriors (you know who they are) rant on, their research little more than bonkers YouTube videos hewn out from the corners of the web.

We already know what the reaction will be to this comment piece.

“Main stream media (or the MSM as they like to call it) following the Government narrative!”

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Links to some website in the far flung corners of cyber space proving that climate change is not real.

Attacks on the likes of Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough or any other eminent figure who dares to voice an opinion on the perilous state of the world.

If we’re woke snowflakes, then so be it. We can live with that.

But if this isn’t the wake up call that’s needed for Doncaster climate change denying idiots, we don’t know what is.